Sunday, April 01, 2012

Grand Finale to National Craft Month

This is it. The last project of National Craft Month. I spent a lot of time yesterday on the internet looking for ideas... stamping... painting... stitching... knitting... sewing... glittering projects... I even thought of making a pair of googly-eyed shoes. In the end, I realized that no matter what I chose, it wasn't going to be some big grand thing. I mean, I've only had a day for each project.

I decided to make a pillow for the study, the one with the map wall. It's the dude's room. Although a pillow for that room was on the list of 31 projects I started out with, it wasn't this pillow. During my searches, I saw this tutorial on making a flower from a men's necktie. I have a few ties I've collected from the thrift store, but I knew just the flower wasn't going to be enough. So I thought and thought until the pillow idea came up--a pillow made from men's suiting. Of course by the time I got to the thrift store, it had closed. As a result, this project was a little more expensive than I projected. I had to buy the fabric for it...and a silk necktie (don't worry, on clearance from Marshall's).

And then I thought and thought about what I could do to add bling. Glitter was out, but what about buttons? I added some vines and button buds. And got this:

This has been a wonderful ride. I won't lie...some days I felt as much like crafting as I felt like running a marathon, which is to say not at all. But I persevered and ended up with some great projects, some very nice gifts, and a bit of a mess in the craft room. And some numbers:
  • Page views over the month: 13,928
  • Most popular post: Irish Potatoes, but only because I got picked up by Craft Gossip. Otherwise it was the Newlywed Ornaments.
  • Likely to be repeated: A lot of them! Some of these are great quick gifts. I'm even thinking of making a blanket with the materials I used for that super quick scarf! I think it's easier to say I will probably not be stamping on candles for a while.
  • Number going (or gone) to live with someone else: 14
  • Favorite craft: I think this changes every day, but I love the bats and the fob.
  • Dude's favorites: Irish potatoes, magnetic bookmark, bats
  • papercrafting--8
  • gluing and decoupage--6
  • beading--6
  • needlework--3
  • knitting--2
  • miscellaneous--2
  • sewing--2
  • food craft--1
  • stamping (other than paper)--1
  • estimated dollars spent on crafting in March: $180 (of course, I've been collecting supplies for a long time!)
  • estimated hours: 55

Here's a Bit More Fun

I'm going to give away all of the red, white and blue things I made (except for the fob--you'll get a substitute): button magnets, floss magnets, bookmark, matchbook notes, matchbook needlebook, and tacks.  And substitute fob. To enter, just tell me, which of the projects I did are you likely to try? Be sure I have a way of contacting you via email. I will do a random drawing on April 6.


Denise said...

Would have to say the clock. I could do that one! But the bats were a favorite. Need to make some bookmarks instead of laminating old ones.

Real Live Woman said...

Definitely the button magnets and the floss bobbin magnets! You did a wonderful job on everything!

lewmew said...

I was going to say the floss magnets until I saw today's post - now *I* want to make one!

Linda said...

Wow! Everything is so great, I really don't know what I would try. I'd say the Irish potatoes and the needlework.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The pillow and the tie-flowers turned out great! I was reading thru your post thinking how much you've gotten accomplished; well done, you! I must have missed the post on Irish potatoes: had to go back and look. Besides looking for the UK inspired do dads so I can bead some fobs, I am going to try the potatoes, one day. I'll bet they could send you into a diabetic coma!

Mary said...

Well, I'm not "likely" to try this craft - I've already made 10 of the matchbook needle books. I plan on making some as gift and needed to practice! I've made the button magnets in the past and think they're terrific.

Thanks for the chance to win you generous giveaway - watching you work thru this challenge has been a lot of fun.

Mary in MN

jhm said...

Think I'll try the scarf, magnet bookmark, floss magnets and definitely a fob. I haven't done a fob in years.

you have the email

Daffycat said...

Well, my sister and I have plans to make the napkin decoupage candles and I also love the little pushpins.

It's been great fun this month, Nikki ~ thank you!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I've enjoyed reading about each, but will most likely try the needle books and perhaps the beaded fob. Thanks for the nice summary, and for the opportunity to win!

CalamityJr said...

I have a wedding to attend this fall, so I'm thinking I'll make the wedding ornament, and I love the floss bobbin magnets. Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Bravo! It's mind-boggling how many crafty things you did last month. It definitely kept me checking back to see what you came up with next. I will have to try those magnetic bookmarks you did the other day. DD loves those. I'm sure she will want an iCarly one.

Deb said...

What no glitter crown? I think you need one because you really did well this month. I can't believe you stuck with your goal. It's been fun to see everything that you've come up with.

Mary in TN said...

I particularly liked the tie flowers and pillow. Good use of DH ties that he does not wear any more.

I also liked the martini and olive card but do not do stamping, paper crafts.

The matchbook needle books are a really cute and useful idea.

Dani - tkdchick said...

How creative that is!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I really liked the bats and I think I could manage that! I also liked the wedding ornie. I have a wedding to go to this year so I might well try it for their Christmas present.
Maybe I'll do this next year but do "31 craft things to do with under 3s" or "31 ways of using foam stickers and a felt-tip which lost it's lid three sessions ago" as that's what I usually have to work with!
I could also do "31 things to make from your office's stationary cupboard supplies". I used to be good at that!

Coni said...

(sound of thunderous applause)

Woo Hoo!

Now could you please tell me what it feels like to have accomplished all of that? I cannot imagine how great it must feel to set such an ambitious goal and then reach it in such great fashion!


Paula said...

I enjoyed your month of crafting...wish I could get that motivated. I will for sure use the magnetic bookmark idea. We are all readers here.

Lelia said...

I enjoyed reading all you posts -- if I chose just one, I'd make the matchbook needle book.

That would be the craft I'd make.

Silverlotus said...

Oops! I feel behind in your posts (but had a darn nice vacation). Please enter me in the draw. :D

My favorite project was the bats. I just love it!