Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 13: Fun and Games and Cross-Stitch

Cake decorated by my cousin.
And we're back! My cousin and I drove up to see Maggie for her birthday. We brought the party to her because she had just been discharged from the hospital. She had a stomach bug, didn't eat, and found herself passed out on the floor. Her frackin' Life Alert didn't work because her phone had recently been converted to Comcast. So a big F.U. to both those companies for almost killing my grandmother. She got herself to a phone and my aunt brought her to the hospital where they kept her over the weekend for observation. When they brought my grandmother food, she wasn't eating. So my aunt had a word.

Aunt: You know what happens when you don't eat?
Maggie: I'll die?
Aunt: Worse than death...
Maggie: What's worse than death?
Aunt: They put you in the nursing home.
Happily, Maggie ate everything they put in front of her.

She seemed fine when we saw her, and her spirits were good. She was shocked to see the Pennsylvania contingent. And, I like to think, happy.

The mayor of Nashua had a card hand-delivered to my grandmother on Tuesday, and she couldn't stop talking about it. She was overwhelmed by her 106 cards! Thanks so much to those of you who sent one. I pulled a couple for her to see. She read the card from the White House, which opened, "Dear Friend." She looked at the signature, "Michelle Obama," she said. "My dear friend, Michelle Obama."
"And the President," I pointed out.
"That's the President's signature?" she asked. "You couldn't tell by me."
After she read the note congratulating her on her accomplishments and contributions, she said, "Do they know I was just a bartender?"

On the drive, I stitched this. And I'm sure at least some of you are happy that I returned to my roots during this crazy month of crafting!

Poor Robin
Shepherd's Bush kit
Without the words, because I was totally lukewarm on the saying, and you know I hate back-stitched letters.

I am thrilled to welcome my new followers, and quite pleased that some of you have found yourselves here through the link at Craft Gossip.  I hope you find something you like!


apdickens said...

I love the Maggie story...your aunt is so wise. Your Maggie-isms and their meanings are great! I am enjoying your site.

Thoeria said...

A very happy Birthday to Maggie! She sounds like such a character :) Your aunt is not far behind her I think :) Glad that she's discharged.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! I love hearing funny stories about her. I also love your stitching, that is design looks fabulous!!!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie. I love your stories about her and you're darned right about the nursing home being worse than death (my husband's great aunt is in one!)

Your stitched piece is really cute.

C in DC said...

Good on your aunt. Tough love was definitely needed here.

Glad you were able to share in Maggie's day.

xeyedmary said...

I'm glad Maggie is feeling better and out of the big house. Brilliant strategy by your aunt!
Sounds like she was more impressed by Michelle Obama's signature than the president's!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Good for your aunt! Glad Maggie's okay and was able to enjoy her birthday.

Mindi said...

Poor Robin looks great without the words, I might have to borrow your idea. I'm not a fan of back-stitching either.

barbara said...

Does your Aunt have a book out for useful tricks/techniques like this? Brilliant.

I cannot believe the f*ck*p of the phone/alert thing!!