Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Kooziness

My friend received this canning jar from her grandmother. She's planning on making it into a drinking glass. (I'm not sure I know quite how beyond, you know, just drinking out of it...) She asked me to make a koozie for it. I used a felted sweater for the wrap. The leaves are needle-felted roving. The flower is from a regular piece of felt. For a pattern, I used a paper punch. I embroidered accents with navy perle cotton.

These are the things I used:
* brush mat
* buttons
* felt and roving
* needles
* perle cotton
* paper punch
* scissors
* sewing thread
* sewing machine

These are the things I put away before I left my fabulous craft room: brush mat, buttons, felt and roving, needles, perle cotton, paper punch, sewing thread, and sewing machine.



riona said...

What a lovely project. And I am very impressed that everything was put away properly after completion.

doris said...

I'm so impressed with your new organizational skills! If I ever grow up, I want to be just like you.

Miriam said...

pretty! how did you attach the wrap? i made a couple of koozies and what i did felt bulky.

hard to get to that point where things actually return to their origination point on a regular basis. took my husband five years of training to get me to that point. i prefer to leave a wide trail of detritus behind me.

paper punches seem like they might be terribly useful to have around.