Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Monthly Review

I never got around to goal setting this month, but I did finish two ornaments {here} and Frost {here}. I have spent time this month being sick, paper crafting, and running a silent auction for the library. Not bad.

For November:

  • finish-finish one piece
  • learn to crochet
  • ten hours on That Dern Parrot
  • ten hours on Off the Deep End
  • ten hours on the marquoir
  • blog every day for NaBloPoMo (see that, every day? Two words. That is correct. Try it yourself.)

Today is Stella's birthday; she's three. This should mean the beginning of adulthood, of good behavior, of happy times. We'll see. She'll celebrate tonight with a Frosty Paws. Here she is waiting for the Birthday Fairy to come. Silly dog.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Stella! What a pretty girl she is!

Good luck with your November goals!

Robin in Virginia

Shelleen said...

Good luck with your goals and your dog is beautiful. Happy Birthday to her.

Mouse said...

hope you manage your goals and awwwwwww Stella is lovely ,, happy birthday to youuuuuu :) love mouse xxxx

Casa Pearl said...

Beau sends Stella many happy Birthday wishes and some doggy kisses.

Denise said...

Every day? Ha!

Stella is a beautiful dog - Happy Birthday to her!

Good luck with those other goals - 10 hrs devoted to 3 projects - more power to you!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday to Stella. Hope she enjoyed her Frosty Paws.