Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gen XS

I do want to thank you for sharing your quirky Thanksgiving stories with me. I'm kind of hoping my sister's mother-in-law throws up on the tablecloth now! LOL. We need some excitement to generate gossip. Unfortunately, it's more likely to be Stella's bad behavior that we'll have stories about. She's part Shar Pei and Chow and neither breed is known for happily letting strangers into its home. Well, even border collies are known to be overly protective of home and family. {Sigh} Makes for a good guard dog, though! (We are working on this and she is getting better.) Thanksgiving will probably be fine because she'll be familiar with 4/5ths of the attendees.

But speaking of generations of family coming together, have you seen the story about Martha Stewart's Family Portraits Cross Stitching? They do remind me of the little pixel people from wee little stitches. Here's the template for stitching your own. {PDF}


xeyedmary said...

Thnaks for the links- they're actually cute!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thank you for the link! Not my style but I did love "bearded gentleman with elbow patches" just a little bit specific!
It's so right for a spoof - "slightly plump lady wih bingo wings", "teenager in unsuitable t-shirt", "blonde showing too much cleavage" etc.
I also like Martha in her apron.