Wednesday, October 05, 2011

How Could I Forget My Commenters?

I can't believe I forgot to pull the prize for the commenters! I'm going to blame stress. And I'll tell you all about that later.

First, I want to take this opportunity to thank all 91 of you who visited over the two weeks to pick the winner. You all saved me from having to make an incredibly difficult decision! And I love love love how you all wanted to pick more than one!

Second, the winner of the commenting bribe pincushion is Pat! (Only one Pat voted, though there was a Patricia. It's the Pat who said, "Love your blog, laugh so much it brings tears, usually just when I need a laugh!" Which was nice to hear so I'm glad I conned her into commenting.) 

So the stress. I agreed to run a silent auction for my library. It's coming up in 17 days! Ack. I got the job in mid-August, but really needed six months. I didn't have a committee, but should have. In some ways, I can't believe I have anything at all, but I have some nice prizes. However, I just heard that the company who donated the big selling item from last year (Oriental rug) isn't giving this year. I'm going to need a ton of things to replace it. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Anyone want to donate something?

The other organization I volunteer for has the new volunteer from hell. Total aggressive blowhard with delusions of grandeur. Stunning really. Let's look on the bright side. If he drives me from the group, I'll have more time to stitch. 


Peggy Lee said...

I was once a co-class parent. It didn't work out. She completely took over. I just sat back and let her go. I'm sure she thought I was pretty lazy.
Oh well...
Hope to see you tomorrow!?

Catherine said...

Congrats to Pat!
See you tomorrow!

Lee said...

Yay for Pat! She won the commenting pincushion! Will it give nice comments or snarky comments?

doris said...

Hooray for all the winners and non-winners.

About the volunteer from hell: it seems that there's at least one in every group. I used to volunteer (and still do at my school). That says it all.

Lee said...

PS - I think those kinds of volunteers go from group to group, destroying everything in their paths. People get fed up with them pretty darn quickly and most people just quit. Good luck!

Carissa said...

You're to be commended for volunteering - I very rarely do because it's so hard for me to follow thru. So rather than set myself and others up for disappointment, I just don't do it. I'm sorry to hear about the stressors though!