Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This summer we're splitting a share of vegetables with some friends, and today was delivery day*. The photo is representative of the kinds of things we get but not an actual delivery. Our beets are tiny and tender and just right for roasting. This CSA isn't as varied as our last one. If I ever see another leafy green, I may throw all of it down the garbage disposal. (Think I'm tired of kale/collards/Swiss chard?) The giant zucchini/marrow? You'd think you wouldn't get those fresh off the farm but these farmers never met a zucchini they were ready to pick.

I thought you might be interested in some of the recipes I've tried so far this season.
  • For leeks: ham, leek, and gruyere baked egg cups from Rachael Ray. Awesome stuff. Try to have an extra large muffin tin; or maybe make it in ramekins. (Also we used eggs from the farm. Heaven!)
  • For cucumbers: Avocado-cucumber soup from Martha Stewart. Great for this hot weather!
  • For broccoli rabe: Broccoli Rabe and sausage but read through the comments and make your own adjustments.
  • For kale: kale and white bean soup from Martha Stewart. Instead of 4 c water and 2 c broth, I went 2 c water and 4 c broth. Also you should not skip that cheesy crouton.
  • For summer squash: squash fritters. If, come October, I've turned into a squash fritter, you should not be surprised.
*Actually we pick it up but we alternate weeks, and this was their week.


Denise said...

While I appreciate the minerals and all that good stuff veggies provide - umm, uck! lol

Now, if you want to throw in a post all about chocolate...

Deb said...

These recipes sound great, especially the Avocado-Cucumber Soup. I'll hold off on the others - too hot to cook around here.

Shelleen said...

I have started eating healthy and buy tons of fresh fruit and veggies. I have never roasted beets though. I always boil them. Might have to try it.

Jenna said...

Those egg cups look FABULOUS! I just printed the recipe and will have to try it out. Yummo~