Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Busted Out; July Let's Hope for Swimmingly

Ah, goals. So exciting to set, so fun to ignore. And boy did I ignore them.
  1. Get back to work on the marquoir--nyet
  2. Finish-finish three projects--how about nada?
  3. Finish City Stitcher, Willow Trees Sampler--non.
  4. Finish Lizzie*Kate, Dog Lessons for People--nein.
  5. Finish anniversary present--engin
No matter what language you choose, I didn't get much done this month.

Longtime readers may remember how I like to get my Christmas on in July, still I can't neglect my yearly goals (more on those soon)
  1. Finish finish four projects
  2. One page of the marquoir
  3. Finish anniversary present by July 14
  4. Blue Snowman, Shepherd's Bush
  5. Snowman Stocking, Bent Creek
  6. Merry and Bright, Heart's Content
  7. Blog every day. I will be doing the NaPoBloMo which has a theme this month of "swim." So you may get some crazy off-topic posts.


The Queen Bee said...

Yay for NaPoBloMo! Even though I know it's tedious to do, I enjoy reading blogs that make the effort.


Alice said...

Just keep swimming! There is nothing wrong with ignoring goals; they were just the wrong goals.

Joy said...

My mind's "swimming" thinking June is gone! Good luck on your goals.

Silverlotus said...

OH mean, I forgot about Christmas in July. Here I thought I had my month planned out...

Best of luck in getting your July goals done. You can do it!