Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wretched Wednesday

Well that was the storm that wasn't so much. Sure there was ice on everything at 8:00 am but that was all gone by 10:00. So far, Pennsylvania has failed to really bring it. Having grown up in New Hampshire, I've seen what winter has. (Of course, that's why I live in Pennsylvania where it doesn't get brought.)

I'm feeling kind of moody, so you should go read things elsewhere. Don't look at me, I'm hideous. Cross-stitch in the news. Made me cranky.

  • More granny references to this "rustic medium" with we create. 
  • And speaking of technology, cross-stitch is perfect for representing video games. Thank heavens!
  • And in other news, football (I was going to clarify "soccer" but who are we kidding?) still sexist.“I don’t write about cross-stitch why do you write about rugby?” Yes, indeed. We should all stay in our spheres.
Of course, you can never stay angry for long when you have wonderful friends. My friend Matt is doing the Polar Bear plunge in Delaware to support Special Olympics. When he found out my niece was a Special Olympian, he decided to dedicate his swim to her and will be wearing her name across his bare chest. If you'd like to help support his efforts and the wonderful work this organization does to help those with intellectual disabilities, click here.


Robin said...

Wow! The reflection in the toilet bowl seems to have gotten a better billing than cross stitch. Put me in a bad mood too. Ok so some guy can have a reflection in a toilet bowl but who you going to ask to fix that hole in your pants?

Alice said...

I'm bookmarking this for another day because I'm already a crank today and no one needs to see my extra crank.

Your friend Matt is an extra special one... a real crank alleviator!

Anonymous said...

You are not hideous!!

I have a big zit on my chin at age 61. That is hideous!!!!

Mary in TN

Anna van Schurman said...

Mary, what makes you think I'm not full of zits myself? Weren't we supposed to leave this all behind with our teenaged years?