Friday, February 11, 2011

Rolling with My Homies

Today I hung with my old ladies. We had our Valentine's Day party, but I have to say their hearts weren't in it. Where were the outrageous themed sweaters of the Christmas party? The vim they put into whipping up fancy desserts? I guess they're tired out from all the snow. (Some of them are out there chopping the ice out of their driveways, god bless them.) We were one member short today. One of my friends--let's just call her the other liberal*--had a cancer return, and she had surgery Tuesday. They think they got it all, but she's got a fair amount of  rehab to do. Keep her in your thoughts; she's a good egg. Politics aside, she buys all of Louise Erdrich's and Michael Doris's books at used bookstores--even ones she already has--because she wants them to have a good home. And she searched the riot of books at the library book sale for the third part of the Dos Passos trilogy because she didn't think it should be sold separately to the unawares. Love her! Anyway, send good healing thoughts toward Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

But my nemesis! People, I know portraying myself as the Stitch Bitch and being a little cranky occasionally may suggest I am the type to have a nemesis, but honestly, I am not. People like me. I'm like a little Sally Field (or more likely a big one). It's impossible to say this without undermining the veracity of the statement but I am charming in real life. Anyway, today I overheard my nemesis ask the woman sitting next to her if she ever "disliked someone so intensely." The very nice woman said, "Of course, but you don't mean anyone in this room?" Nemesis made a strange nod of her head and VNW said, "really, someone here?" Now I am not taking credit for being disliked intensely. No, there are definitely a couple of other people in the running. I think she doesn't like my neighbor who tells the same stories every week in a sort of spiraling loop with a new story being added weekly for variety. But mostly the same stories. Nemesis seems to have very little regard for these spiralling stories, but our storyteller is very nice to Nemesis, so is clearly seething with venom underneath. (She actually doesn't strike me as the venomous type.) When Nemesis told us it was VNW's birthday yesterday, someone** mentioned it was George Stephanopoulos's birthday yesterday too because she wanted to tell us how crazy his wife seems when she does her GMA appearances for George's birthday. But Nemesis said, "Why am I supposed to care?" You can see she is not charming in real life. 

But she could mean me.

So you can see why I love your comments. Your notes that not only forgive me for being Dr. Johnson (not a good thing) but encourage me to be! (I shall visit his house next time we're in London.) Ones that declare your love for me. (Seriously! Love!) You even want to join my family, if not for the names, then for Maggie***. (Oh you say that now, but wait...just wait.) Anyway, thank you for allowing me to confirm that I am not universally intensely disliked. 

No sooner did I list my goals for February than I picked up Winter Peace. I am short one floss color {Sugar Plum} so I won't be able to finish it any time soon (the local shops seem to be out). Instead, I picked up Screamy Mimi which is on the list. And thus order has returned to my life. 

Order and rainbows and unicorns. Thanks.

*She's always bringing me political cartoons that she gets a huge kick out of, but none of the other ladies enjoy them half so much.
**She doesn't have much of a life since she lost her job, also two years ago. She tells us about what she watches on teevee. Harmless and occasionally interesting if mostly because I can hear about George Stephanopoulos's crazy wife without having to watch GMA.
**Maggie is also a Marguerite, Melissa D.


Adrienne Martini said...

I like you because of your stitch bitchy Dr. Johnson-ness, not despite it.

C in DC said...

I agree with Adrienne! And I like you in real life too.

It was also Glen Beck's birthday (NPR mentioned George and Glen together). I wonder if that would've received a different response from the ladies.

RuthB said...

I gotta love anyone who rescues Louise! :)

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

We love you! We really love you! We love reading a smart, eloquent blog - there aren't a lot of them and we love that you make us think once in a while. It's a good thing!

I'd love to visit Dr. Johnson's house as well. Sending good thoughts out for your friend!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that you are utterly charming in person and I will miss not seeing your charming self this year.


MelissaD said...

We like your refreshing attitude and comments....I appreciate honesty and intelligence at the same time!

Sympathies on the far as I know I don't currently have one.

Erica said...

Personally I find maintining an absolute dislike for someone takes more energy than I'm willing to expend on anyone, especially in such a negative vein. Really, I have better things to do!

I enjoy your thoughts, comments and ideas about anything and everything. I doubt I've ever met you in person (living in Canada leaves one only knowing most bloggers 'virtually'), but I like you just fine. Don't change a thing!

Coni said...

You want us to come take care of her? (You have to say that in your very best Paulie Walnuts voice).

Aunt Chrissy and I own stitchy ninja costumes and are quite adept at intimidation techniques, and, more importantly, we're not afraid to use 'em.

As for your overall smartypantsness....I aspire. I aspire. (Unfortunately, this will require some very serious remedial learnin' 'bout this here English language.)

Just keep ROCKing and we'll continue to love your very self. That brawd doesn't know what she's missing.

Coral said...

Nemesis, be damned, I have an inkling 'dislike intensely' is worse than just plain hate. What an odd woman. And if it is you, what do you care; you are old enough to shrug her off - yes, just like that, and carry on. Cos you are a grown up and you know 'it takes all types'; therefore grown ups have give and take! She seriously has a problem!

Siobhan said...

Oh, I have a few people who dislike me with a passionate intensity, and two women that I dislike with equal fervor. My DH rolls his eyes when I refer to one woman as my arch nemesis. Truthfully, I think anytime that you get a group of women together, you will have that happen. It's rare when it doesn't, in my experience. I used to go to a stitching night years ago at TSS and really enjoyed it. One woman, though, absolutely loathed me. I would sit down next to her and she'd get her stuff and move to another seat. I'd make sure I didn't smell bad because that was the only reason that I could think she might not like me. I tend to be on the quiet side with people I don't know too well so I hadn't had the opportunity to dazzle her with my inability to think before I spoke. Ah well, whatever. Some people have no taste!

I hope your friend heals quickly.

Nice stitching progress!

Annemarie said...

My dear, darling friend, I've always said I won't let your blog name delude me into thinking that you're a bitch. You can't be, because you are lovely to all your blogging friends, and I'm sure even lovelier to all the people you have in your 'real' life. Blogland would be a boring, colder place without you.

I will keep your friend in my thoughts. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

And by all means, do visit Dr. Johnson's house. It's fab!