Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shopping with the Dude

Sissy's birthday is in two days but we're celebrating tonight at Sunday dinner. The dude and I went off to the mall to find her something cute, or failing that, buy her a Tory Burch gift certificate. (We found something cute.) The dude is not known for his shopping prowess nor his patience with capitalist culture nor for "just looking." It was a pretty remarkable day. After we had been in Banana Republic, Free People, and J Crew, he turned to me and said, "All this clothes is made for a race of little people I've never met...all for a hundred and fifty bucks a pop." In Lilly Pulitzer, he threatened to have an epileptic seizure if we didn't leave right away. He had a field day when we walked by the sign that said, "Coming Soon: True Religion."

When I walked by the Tiffany store--which was loaded with teenagers, wtf? I was 24 before I set foot in a Tiffany store--I saw that they had an interesting embroidery display. Not sure if this means cross-stitchers are cool--especially since they've mixed embroidery tools with sewing thread, but there you have it. (I didn't photograph the other display with "T is for Tiffany." We were in a crush of people.)

When I was downloading the photo from my phone, I found this picture I took of my aunt's birthday gift. I bought the premade felt purse and pieces, and sewed them together. But, and this is what I am most proud of, the zipper pull was missing from the purse. We bought an earring at Target, well we bought the pair but just used one, and turned it into a pull. Since the balls in the flower centers are beaded, it was perfect.

The house still isn't cleaning itself. Why hasn't the Jetsons become our reality? I think scientists just want to keep women down.


Catherine said...

UGH!! I hate going to the mall! But there are times when one has to, like when the boys want to go to the Lego store!

Love the little felted purse!

Still waiting for my house to clean itself too - dream on little dreamers!

doris said...

I didn't go into a Tiffany store 'til I was in my 40's. I feel so deprived! WTF is exactly right!

Alice said...

Too true, little girls don't need Tiffanys!

Very cute purse, great idea for the pull.

I am afraid I am a lot like the dude; I try to shop only on weekday mornings because I can't stand the people... want to get in and out. My husband virtually never goes.

valerie said...

What is it with guys and shopping? It's as though they're allergic! I've never set foot in a Tiffany's. Cute purse!

Melissa said...

ha ha ha on the last paragraph! I'm still waiting for that too. Best for me not to turn around as I type this as I might be attacked by dust bunnies!

I've never been inside Tiffany's and I'm way older than 24!

Love the colours on that little purse.

Cole said...

What a great little purse, love the bright colors!

I hope you share the secret when you figure out the house cleaning thing :)

Jennifer said...

WTF is so right! The daughter of one of my bosses gets a Christmas gift from Tiffanys each year and she's only 15! I didn't get anything from Tiffanys until I was married a few years ago and I can promise you that the glass tray cost nowhere near what my boss spends each year. However I think my favorite part of the gift was the beautiful blue box. It now houses all of my Belle Soie silks.

Maybe one day I will actually buy something from Tiffanys for myself.......and not max out my credit card!

Michelle said...

It's always an experience shopping with Eric too. Love the gift - and the earring was a great save! I am so ready for my house to be self-cleaning for sure!

Siobhan said...

I'm, uh, just a little older than those teenagers and I have yet to step foot in a Tiffany's store! Oh, to dream.

Nice job on the purse!

Jennifer said...

Teenagers do not belong in Tiffany, but they also don't belong in Abercrombie or whatever the name of that RIDICULOUSLY overpriced store is. Who are these parents that can afford to buy their kids $200 jeans?