Sunday, January 02, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day One

Willow Trees Sampler
City Stitcher (c1989)
Called for DMC flosses
Random 28-count fabric from stash

It took me a while to get started on my Crazy January Challenge because I had to sort out the fabric for the challenge. I know most people did this in December, but I was straight out putting together all the gifts before we took off for six (rather chilly) days in Florida. (Not to worry, it snowed in Pennsylvania so the trip improved our weather significantly.)

Venice Beach, FL

The second setback for the CJC was that the dude got a bug, and I'm not talking martini flu. He was in dire straits and he (and Stella) needed my attention. Still I'm so happy to have started this project at long last. And I love it.

Today I'm starting Lizzie*Kate's Dog Lessons for People. But tonight we're finally getting around to the Harry Potter movie. I'll show you how far I get tomorrow.


Catherine said...

I do hope that Dude is feeling better!

I stitched that pattern a while ago - it is still one of my favorites!!

Glenna said...

That is a very chilly-looking picture! I've got that chart in my stash also. Hope the Dude is doing better--2 weeks after first catching the flu I still don't have all my energy back. Which is a good reason to sit and stitch, I figure.

Caroline said...

My kids were a little green around the gills before bed tonight -I'm anticipating 3am laundry. Hope you don't catch it from the Dude!

Nice start - I love LK Dog Lessons, mucho truisms.

Lennu said...

It's a nice start, happy crazy stitching!

I was going to sort out everything for the challenge really early, put them in project bags and so on and what do I have now... A stack of charts and even a bigger stack of fabrics to choose from, no threads, no project bags... I just run out of time, as always :)

Alice said...

Ah, you aren't that late. You have made a good start. Sorry about the Dude's bug; it's never a good thing. Stay healthy.

riona said...

I can sympathize with the Dude ... one of my daughter's unintentional Christmas gifts to me was a case of strep combined with a nasty winter cold that won't quit ... we both work in school settings and are constantly exposed to childish ailments ... not the way either of us had planned on spending the Christmas break.

For me, the hardest thing about the Crazy January Challenge is moving on to the next project just when I have gotten interested in the one in hand. How do you feel about that?

Marcy said...

Not to worry -- I still haven't picked out all the threads and fabric for each project either. I'll probably do it the day I begin each one.

Get better Dude! I had a bug over Christmas and passed it on to my dad. I hope you don't catch it, Anna.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year! Love your new start and can't wait to see more. Hope the Dude is feeling much better.

Jodie said...

WOW! Your first start looks fantastic! I was thinking about including Lizzie Kate's Dog Lessons in my January Challenge as well, but ultimately decided against it. I can't wait to see how yours goes though!