Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day Fourteen

Tricky Tweets, Screamy Mimi
Just Nan
Gunmetal fabric
Called for flosses

I know! It's another Just Nan even though I didn't particularly have any nice things to say about these designs yesterday. When I saw these birds stitched I thought they were a lot cuter IRL. They're so small. The original three were too pastel for me, but the Halloween ones seem perfect, especially since I call my other grandmother Mimi. 

I would have gotten much further along but I finally got my act together and finished off the holiday cards.


Kristen said...

I jumped on that bandwagon, but I love the Needle Tweet collection. (I have Lila.)

I'm curious to see how difficult the finishing work is.

mainely stitching said...

Your cards rock. We left the one you sent us hanging up, we like it so much!

Caroline said...

Your cards are gorgeous!!

Alice said...

The colours just pop! I love the name of it, my niece is known as Mimi (Michelle... but could only say Mimi when very little and it stuck).

Jodie said...

Wow! Beautiful card!!