Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scattering Moments

Stella at the dog park,
showing she's part British.
It's been a busy day. Our key to the dog park expired so I needed to get it renewed. The process was complicated by the fact that Stella somehow lost her tags recently and I mislaid her license "paperwork" (it's a scrap about 3x5) so I had no idea what her license number was. The ding dong who processes the paperwork somehow didn't update Stella's number. Sheesh. I spent a lot of time in the office, and Stella spent a lot of time waiting in the car instead of at the park.

It's kind of a good thing. She heard it was hump day and wanted to get in on the action. Even though Reese is a male dog, and a little tall for her, she had at it. Sigh. Fortunately the 10 am dogs are tolerant of each other at this point.

I had to rush home, put the chili in the crock pot and race off to another networking coffee meeting. It went well. Even if no job results, I'm meeting some people I'd like to be friends with...

When I got home, I did a little sewing because I've realized I have got work to do on my gifts, and these bags aren't going to get sewn if I continued at the rate I was going. Here's the neutral bag I'm sewing. I'm nearly done the lining and it should go together quickly from here.

After a quick dinner--thank you, crock pot--I ran to my library board meeting. From there, I expected to race to quilting. Well not tonight! We went later than even quilting class. Yup, missed it altogether. I see some more work at the dining room table in my future. (Yes, I have a craft room. No, it is no closer to being organized or usable.)


Alice said...

Whoa Stella!

I like the bag! Maybe you can organize the craft room for your New Year's resolution.

Jenna said...

Nice fabrics for your bag! I'm not sure I could piece anything together that nicely, especially since I have so much trouble sewing in a straight line.

If you clean up your craft room for a New Year's resolution, I'll finish sanding and poly my sewing table so that I can actually keep my sewing machine somewhere and stop having to use my desk.