Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biennial Exam

Is all this NaBlowing too much for you? Because my comments are way down. :( I started out writing into the ether, but now I kind of like hearing what you have to say.

Today, I am fasting for tomorrow the doctor shoves camera equipment up my ass. {I'm asleep so I don't mind.} No matter the utter humiliation involved with this biennial treat, I will not be walking down the path Terri took, but I am going to ask the doctor if he's ever seen such a thing.

On Sunday, I finished knitting the last spa cloth. Of course, by the time I got to that one, I had the pattern memorized and finished it in about 6 hours. I could crank one out for almost everyone I know by Thanksgiving. But alas, I have other presents to make. If I ever knit that pattern again, I'll probably be back at square one with fumble-fingers.

Here are the last two: turquoise* for Maggie and pink for my grandmother who has a toilet like this in her bathroom (and matching sink!)

*It really is turquoise. How come the pink came out looking right, but the turquoise looks different? Color correct that!


Coni said...

I'm sending you "clean and happy thoughts" and hope that you have a good fast. (Hmm. Isn't that what you are supposed to say to someone before Yom Kippur?)

As far as the test goes, look at it this way. Celebrities pay tens of thousands for "cleansings" and they don't get a take home photo of their colons when it's all done.

Oh, and thanks for the tag to Terri's story...that's one for the scrapbook!

xeyedmary said...

I can't say it any better than the Spinster her very self! Thank the sweet baby Jesus I have 2 whole years to go before I turn the big Five-O.
But for the grace of...Oh- sorry for all the religious references the day before your big event. Thanks also for the link to Teri's blog- I haven't come across hers yet. I can only hope in 2 years I have a significant other with a sense of humor enough to write naughty notes to my bum doctor across my freckly Irish white ass the night before my first colonoscopy! And what's with the comment moderation word today???"xbzedion"???That makes no sense in a comment-moderation-word-kind-of-way!
I hope with this long comment, I encourage more repostes!

Susan said...

Hope everything came out OK.

I'm well over 50 and I haven't put myself through this yet as I'm waiting for the virtual colonoscopy. Thanks for the link to Teri's post. I read her blog but must have missed that one!

Lee said...

Had my first last month, after putting it off for two years. Nasty stuff.

The comments I'm receiving are minimal, but then again, I'm hardly posting any stitching.

Kathryn said...

Well, yes you CAN color correct just the turquoise. It's usually done with CHANNELS and masking, by adjusting just the Blue, Red, or Green channel, often for correcting skin tones which can get funny casts from reflections.

Best of luck == zero anomalies tomorrow.

gio. said...

you should absolutely totally go down the path terri took! good luck, anna! be tough!

Jenna said...

OMG, I was totally dying after reading Terri's post. What a HOOT! I agree with Gio - you should absolutely have done it. That would have been so funny!

The spa cloths are really lovely. You picked some nice colors.

I'll try to catch up on your blog more often so that I can leave more comments for you.

Alice said...

Good luck with the test Anna! I am very glad you get to be asleep for it. I like your spa cloths.... can't imagine having a toilet that colour!