Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scrappy Orange

Thanks for your support concerning Sissy's wedding sampler. I am also happy to report that I found all the missing craft items I was looking for last weekend. The stitched piece got sandwiched in between two pieces of mat board. The messenger bag strips were in the sewing box just as I thought they were. Everything was hiding on me. You know, if inanimate objects had will. 

Last month was dedicated to creating with orange scraps. When I saw this wreath, I knew what I was making. I love this wreath! I may make a springtime version now that I have moved on to green scraps.  {
Tatertots and Jello via One Pretty Thing.} However, I will follow her lead and use wooden beads to achieve the 3D effect. Cutting pieces of dowel with a back saw doesn't work as well as you might imagine. I might also consider inducing the dude to buy a more appropriate saw since dowels are much cheaper than wooden beads. As it stands, some of those popped dots are jumping off the wreath at a rakish angle.

I also made some cards.

I still have some orange scraps; I ran out of September before I could use them all.


Annemarie said...

My, you're in an autumnal mood, with all that orange. Love it! Especially the cards.

riona said...

Love the cards, especially those made with the bare tree motif.

Alice said...

I like the Boo cards a lot! Glad you found your hiding crafts. I think there are little sneakies about that enjoy doing this stuff to us when they aren't busy stealing socks from the dryer.

Jenna said...

Ah, the lost have been found. I'm still trying to strip all of my crappy paint job off of the two frames so that I can try again. *sigh* Anyway, the wreath looks nice. It's not my thing, personally, but it is really cool and looks like you put a lot of work into it. I think that a spring one will be nice, too. Are you going to worry about trying to match/coordinate with the green in your door? Lovely cards. My favorite is the bottom middle one, with the scroll-y tree. Your stamp collection must be HUGE!

C in DC said...

Love the cards. Love the wreath too.