Friday, October 29, 2010


On Wednesday, I ran into one of the library knitters. Well, not so much ran into as I see her every Wednesday. She's one of the women who runs the township's adult school program; she's at the high school  making sure everything goes smoothly, and I am heading to my quilting class. She asked me how my mask was coming for the party. Hello? Mask? Party? I haven't been to Friday stitching in a few weeks. I had a couple of networking meetings and two weeks were cancelled because the librarian who leads us was away. I was not on the e-mail list for some reason. So yesterday, I went to the Halloween store and bought an overpriced domino mask. I cast about the craft room for something to throw at it. I came up with some flower sequins my aunt bought about 10 years ago. She needed me to replace a few that had fallen off her sweater. She bought a tube of hundreds even though she only needed two. I got to keep the rest. They hadn't found their true calling until last night at about 9:30 pm.

Because I would have felt "a right tit" walking in with the mask, I had it pushed up like a headband. How many women are in their masks? None. Only two other people even brought them. Can you say, "sucker?" The good news is that it is cute, and I can wear it someday.

The library director really wants me and the dude to attend the library's Halloween party tomorrow. I'm not sure I can make it--the bridal party is dress shopping tomorrow--but I came up with a great costume idea based on these. I bought those at the overpriced Halloween store too because I just loved Adrienne's and knew I wasn't committed enough to the Sculpey. 

Oh, all right; I'll tell you. We dress in suits and the horns and carry briefcases. In the briefcases, we may have some paperwork in case you wish to sell your soul. I'm also thinking business cards.

What are you coming as?


Kelly said...

The mask is adorable. First, I must tell you my costume is for a 13 bar pub crawl through Chicago so it is adults only. I am going to be a Shaker Weight lady. If you have not seen the video, you can see it on YouTube. It is easy and not embarrasing to catch a cab when you are only wearing sweats and a hoodie.

Alice said...

I like the mask! The horns are a good idea too.
I think I am going as a chauffeur... picking up a gaggle of girls for an all night scary movie a thon punctuated by a first time viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture show at the local theatre. Maybe a zombie chauffeur.

Jenna said...

Love the Halloween costume idea. Did you do it? The business cards would have totally been the icing on the cake. The mask is great and I'm sure you'll use it at some point.

We skip Halloween. I wanted to give out candy this year, but Terry nixed the idea. He's pretty anti-trick-or-treat. I think kids annoy him, in general. So, we turn all of the lights off in the house and hide. Inevitably, at least one child will still come up and ring the doorbell. Clueless.