Friday, July 02, 2010

Half Time

EDITED: I had written about my trip, but for some reason blogger dropped that part of the post. As I wrote, I am exhausted, so I'll rewrite that tomorrow.

Now that we are halfway through the year, it is a good time to review the goals I set for myself.
  • Find a job. Happily, I've been finding more jobs to apply for, and I've been getting interviews. Now to get over that last hump!
  • Work on the marquoir at Strawberry Sampler's stitch night every month. I've been attending regularly, and I am working solely on this project there.
  • Finish one quarter of my WIPs, or 6.--I finished Apple Sampler and Spots II Sampler. I'm a bit behind, but I do think that this month's goals might boost the numbers.
  • Work on the finish-finishing. I'm not going to set a number this year. Perhaps I should have set a number! I haven't really done well with this.
  • Finish sewing WIPs--these include the abandoned messenger bags. Let's get these done before the fabric is vintage! I finally finished my MIL's Amy Butler bags and a pillow for my aunt. Now to the messenger bags.
  • Use up my scraps making cards. I didn't set a schedule assigning a color to a month, and maybe that's why I haven't worked on this.
My next step will be to set up a way to complete some of these goals. Stay tuned.


KarenV said...

I think you're doing really well with your goals. Good luck for the job hunting!

Peggy Lee said...

I envy you BIG TIME being able to attend the stiching meetings with the Strawberry Girls! I love that shop and am only able to visit once or twice a year.
PLEASE tell them hello from me, won't you?

Anonymous said...

I really love how you do your goals, I'm going to have to do something similar in my paper journal -- lord knows I don't want to be held accountable by the internet.