Friday, July 23, 2010

Fairy Scissors

Goodness it takes me a long time to catch up from vacation. When I got back from Las Vegas I had a package from Ladybeans {no blog}. She sent me these cute scissors.

Because she has 250 lbs of dog in her house (just the two!), she also sent a little prize for Stella (a mere 43#). I should have taken a picture of her eating the chicken filled rolled rawhide. Stella usually freaks when you give her a treat like this. She runs around the house whining and ends up burying it in the couch. (Just ask the dude. While we were away, he washed the slipcover--and a Busy Rollhide.) (That's okay, I wash Pupperoni from someone or other's pocket every week.) Thanks again, K.

It took me a while today to get into library stitching today. It seems I left the fuzzy white stuff at home, and for some reason I have the wrong beads in the kit. The pattern calls for two colors: crayon white and ice. What did I have with me? A packet of red and gold petite seed beads and a bag of red and green bugle beads. Go figure. Anyway, it finally dawned on me that I could do some backstitching. Didn't get very far.

Mabel wasn't there today, and no one could get in touch with her yesterday or today. Please send good vibes that this story has a happy ending.


KarenV said...

Hope Mabel is OK. Those are cute scissors :)

Oh, and I didn't get chance to comment on your previous post, but 1) we English talk about the weather all the time, probably because it's so changeable and 2) we're not really used to extremes of temperatures, which is why we always bitch about it being very hot or very cold ;)

Karen said...

Very cute scissors! Hope things are okay with Mabel.

Karen said...

Your scissors are very cute and Christmas Fairy is lovely.

PS: Best wishes for your friend Mabel. I hope she is ok.

staci said...

Love your Christmas Fairy, she is so sweet. Cute scissors too. Best wishes for Mabel.

Alice said...

Oh dear, I do hope Mabel is ok. Your Christmas fairy is looking very nice!

doris said...

Why don't I remember who Mabel is? Did I miss that story, or is my brain just too mushy. I do hope she's ok. The fact that she's not answering calls is disturbing. Yes, I'm a worrier.