Thursday, July 01, 2010

Christmas in July

Flying home today. Lots of time for stitching on the below referenced. Photos soon!

June Goals
  • keep working on the marquoir--yes, check it here.
  • finish the anniversary present for the dude--I just started it on my flight to Vegas, baby.
I did finish the present for my dad.

July Goals--I'm making this Christmas in July. With the exception of the marquoir, I'm going to work on Christmas patterns.
  • marquoir
  • Mirabilia, Christmas Elf Haven't worked on this in an age. So close to being finished.
  • Fancy Work, Noel Ornament This got put aside ages ago because of severe miscounting issues. I started it again, but since I wasn't going to give it as a gift, I just never went back to it. Time to clear it from the WIP list!
  • Bent Creek, Snowman Stocking Another one I haven't worked on in a long time. Spirals! I love spirals.


KarenV said...

Looking forward to seeing your Christmas stitching. I think mine has petered out a bit just lately, but I might squeeze in another ornament or two this month.

Karen said...

Love the idea of your Christmas in July goals. Looking forward to seeing some finished ornaments. :)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Another goal setter! Maybe I need to consider doing this. I might get a lot more accomplished. Good luck with your goals!

staci said...

Have fun at home and with your stitching! Good luck with your goals!

staci said...

PS Have fun with your family too ;)