Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working Hard

This afternoon, I headed to Strawberry Sampler to see if they had a box for the Las Vegas piece. I know you're thinking I should have just called and asked, but I wanted to assess my options. And who doesn't love a trip to the LNS? Beth saw the Vegas piece and was describing it to Molly, who she had chained to her desk. So I brought it out back and showed it to her. Don't worry too much about Molly though, you should see poor Lise's working conditions. She's trapped in a closet behind 300 pieces from the framing sale.

Once I was in back, everyone tried to help with the finishing for my dad's 70th birthday. Molly thought a box stuck on a high shelf might work. Before she could destroy the workroom by pulling down the whole shelf, Lise appeared with a couple of boxes from her private stash--one was perfect! Then she tricked out the inside with red velvet mats. Hot! While she was working, I hung out in the back room, and even met the UPS man ("the moist Brown man") (to his credit it was 95 degrees outside) who promised not to call my Nik unless we had sex.

Which wasn't a far cry from the conversation we had been having before he arrived. I've been looking for bronze shoes to go with my "fancy" outfit for daddy's special dinner. These (in bronze) came today from Zappos. Now don't judge by the name of the shoe. Still, when I have them on, I worry that I might look like I'm working. The good news is that if I do wear the shoes, I might be able to stay a few extra days.

Unfortunately, I ran into a major accident on the way home. Someone had rolled their car on the bypass ramp and I had to drive through Media in the middle of rush hour. Still I feel so successful from the trip to the shop. Thanks, girls!


valerie said...

Wow, those shoes are hot! Knowing me, I'd fall and break my neck. Kudos if you can stay upright and walk in them! I'm seriously clumsy.

Good to hear you managed to get the box gift concept figured out.

Denise said...

Serious **** me shoes!

Love 'em!

Glad to hear Dad's present is getting its box!

Smiles - Denise

Lee said...

I can't wait to see your dad's gift when it's all completed. It would be better yet if you're holding it and wearing those shoes! Knock 'em dead, kiddo!

Catherine said...

Wow!! Those are some shoes. Don't think they'd work for me, as I am known to fall over in just flat shoes!

Aren't the girls the best! Can't wait to see how the box turned out.

Missed you on Friday - baseball, pizza and a mean game of putt-putt was my fun night!

Peggy Lee said...

I envy you so much...I live in Kentucky but work in New Jersey twice a year. I get to visit the girls at the Strawberry Sampler once or twice while in that area. They are so helpful. I could shop in their store ALL DAY and go broke!

KarenV said...

Glad you got the box sorted out, looking forward to seeing the result.

Siobhan said...

SheDANG, those are fantastic shoes! That style is popular here. Me, I stick to my flats so as to not catch my heel in my pant leg. Yeah, seriously, been there, done that.

I'm glad the Strawberry girls were able to help with the box. I can't wait to see it!

mainely stitching said...

Those shoes have got me laughing right out loud - thanks!!

The Strawberry Girls said...

Those shoes are fabulous! If you can't use them in Vegas maybe Media?? There's gonna be a run on them at Zappos as Beth, Lise and I have already ordered ours-we're thinking our "moist brown man" will LOVE them!! We're thinking the new hybrid truck will be our pimpmoblie!!