Sunday, December 13, 2009

She Knitted Me Some Science

You gotta love it: Knitted Science at Discover Magazine {via Go Fug Yourself}.

From the ho hum even I've done that mobius scarf to the super amazing, crocheted hyperbolic space which scientists believed would be impossible to model physically. Go check it out. It will make you feel smart for being a crafter.


Catherine said...

I feel so much smarter now!

Coral said...

Um, what can I say? I is amazed - a weirded out way!

Giovanna said...

Smashing stuff! Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

I love that sweater and want one. Are these things for sale? The crocheted axon-neuron cells are great. I would like to make them.

But the sweater is the best.

Mary in Tennessee

Alice said...

Oh my! Now that is my kind of science! Ugh, I am still traumatized by the frog eyeball fight in seventh grade! Now this frog I could dissect.