Friday, November 20, 2009

A Cabin

This rust and green log cabin is in bits and pieces. One section is sewn together in 4 x 4 blocks; another is 3x4; and there's a pile of 21 squares. I guess she was three short.

My quilting friend finally came over last night. This is the only one of my mother's quilts that she took.

She did however take the last two antique quilts. I don't know how I feel about that yet. On the one hand, they weren't anything my mother made (she's not that old!) but on the other, they were the only ones with real value, though I have no idea how much they were worth. And isn't it greedy to take both?

Anyway, I am left with three mostly finished quilts and some more bits and pieces that I will show you in the coming days. You can help me figure what to do with it all...


Lee said...

In the past I've helped some friends repair or finish quilts. We've done it as kind of a "bee", spreading it out on a table and working together to get that last bit of binding or applique or quilting done. I'll bet that if you invited a couple of friends over, you could finish those quilts up in no time. If I lived nearby, I'd certainly come over with my needle and thread!

Catherine G. said...

I like Lee's idea of getting some friends to help you finish your mother's quilts. If I had any idea how to quilt I'd be there with Lee to help you out!

Hopefully your friend will cherish those antique quilts! She's lucky you were willing to part with them!

Alice said...

Yes it is greedy to take both antique quilts... mind you, I can't say as I blame her! What a wonderful thing to come across. Will she sell them do you think? I certainly wouldn't begrudge her having them if she would cherish and love them for herself... not so much if she is intending to make a profit.

I too wish I could quilt and help you finish off your other pieces. It is always fun to sew with someone else to talk with.

doris said...

I'd be right there with you and Lee, and I'd bring the vodka.

I think taking both quilts was a little greedy. It was awful nice of you to let her take them.