Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye, July

I've settled into a sort of rhythm for my sickness. Let's start at noon when I am generally feeling well enough to do something, usually a shower and a few chores around the house. (Yesterday I tried to tackle Laundry Mountain only to discover the utility sink that the washing machine drains into is clogged. So there's another thing that needs doing and laundry left undone.) Then at 3:00, Stella wakes up and is a horrible pest. I cannot blame her; we haven't been able to exercise her enough. Yesterday, I took her out to play fetch and there was a suicidal rabbit just sitting there in the middle of the yard. Well, you know she had to chase it into the big brush pile that sort of blocks the giant hole in the fence. Worried that both animals would find the hole, I was yelling myself hoarse, "Stella! Touch!" Finally I went in and got a chunk of cheese and a leash and wrestled her back into the house where she proceeded to scratch at the back door for the rest of the afternoon. Then the dude comes home at 6:00 and I am feeling pretty good; well enough to cook and eat. When I lie down again at 10:00, the hacking cough begins as does the cycle of getting up to boil myself some water (I don't even bother to actually make tea anymore), a few uneasy hours, boil water, a few uneasy hours, then Stella starts whining from her crate that it is time to get up. I take her out back, feed her, and get back in bed for the best three hours of sleep. All I really want is about ten uninterrupted hours of sleep. I'd probably leap from the bed fully cured.

And so has ended July. I really need those two weeks back. Everyone keeps talking about how summer is almost over and I feel like I haven't even had a summer. So if you could stop talking about summer like it is done, I'd appreciate that. Thanks.

So how did I do with Christmas-in-July?
  • Shepherd's Bush, Brett's Stocking--mostly
  • Shepherd's Bush, Anna's Stocking--started, photo above (click to see before)
  • Mirabilia, Christmas Elf
  • Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania, December
  • Bent Creek, Snowman Stocking
  • Heart's Content, Merry and Bright
  • Dimensions Kit, Santa
I did manage to finish stitching Flea Market Souvenir as well.

All this Christmas-in-July has made me more aware of my attempt to make all of my Christmas gifts this year. So I think I will turn to making some of those during August.

  • finish Anna's stocking
  • finish Brett's stocking
  • finally sew AB stash and dash bags
  • stitch Hinzeit Sisters for sissy
  • make a dozen bookmarks for the dude (he can never find them, but he doesn't actually lose them) (various craft methods)
  • finish finish one project for me

As promised, the final drawing of the year long celebration of my five years of blogging.

And our winner is Lelia! Lelia enjoys my JCS Ornament Reviews and her favorite post on her blog is about her inner child doll class. Interestingly, Lelia has been one of the reasons I continue the JCS review. She's a very loyal commenter on that.

Before you know it, this blog will be six! The only thing I ever wrote consistently for six years was my dissertation, and there will be those who will argue that.

Now I'm off to make something of this summer.


Anonymous said...

Have you been tested for whopping cough? What you have sounds very much like what I had several years ago which went misdiagnosed for 6 weeks (I understand that the misdiagnosis for adults is fairly common as pediatricians are the one with the experience with whopping cough). Once they finally figured it out and I got on the correct medication I was good as new in about 2 days.

Caroline said...

hey SB - up here in Canadaland we're still waiting for our summer to start as well - it has rained all but 4 days....... Does your doctor have any idea what's up - or are you waiting it out? My kids are sick and actually whinier than you right now ;) I do hope you are on the mend soon.

Deb said...

I know that summer illnesses can hang around forever. Yours sounds almost like when my daughter had pneumona! If it keeps up, see the good ole doc! But I hope that you're feeling better soon.

Margaret said...

Sounds so terrible! I hope you get better really fast now. As for the summer, I feel the same way -- what summer? Especially weatherwise!

LadyDoc said...

Anonymous above mentioned whopping cough- and that sounds like a good possible guess to me, since I had it three years ago. Same kind of thing- the cold that's worse than a cold and never goes away, with the killer cough. I got diagnosed on a Friday morning and he told me if I took the meds and rested I'd feel up to going back to work by Monday. I didn't believe him and he was right.

Also sounds like you need a trip to the doctor.

Hope you finally feel better soon.

Lee said...

Summer over? Not by a long shot! There's still the whole month of August and most of September.

Just because WalMart's Christmas decorations are out....I mean, even though they are evil geniuses, Walmart can't actually control the weather, right?

LivnLaf said...

Whooping cough!!!! Funny...the very same thought crossed my mind in April. Who knew at our age...we could still get something we only knew of in childhood.
Yay for Leila!!!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Hope you are feeling better soon (((HUGS))). Your stockings are looking great, I really need to get to mine!!

Siobhan said...

Agh! I hope you're feeling better soon! Your stocking is coming along nicely. I need to get working on my Christmas stuff. Ack.