Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I'm Keeping

There were many treasures in the attic--I guess we got to the stuff that wasn't stored in cardboard boxes. Don't store your stuff in cardboard boxes; you might as well just throw it away now. It will save your kids the trouble of doing it later... Also, don't save magazines, textbooks, photographs of things with no people (except your house; keep those because things change and your kids lived there and are nostalgic about how it used to be). There were other things that were on my list of things you should pitch, but I can't remember them now. Oh, wrap fragile things carefully; don't just stuff them in plastic boxes.

These are the textiles that made the trip with me.

Look at all that quilting. What work! Though the stitches are a little big for my mother--purposefully?

These molas are souvenirs of a family trip that included the San Blas Islands, where the Cuna Indians weild their magic needles. I think we're going to frame the masks for the map room and maybe make pillows of the squares. I may have to add some stitching to the parrot on the lower left.


Barb said...

I agree! No magazines, no textbooks, clear it all out before your kids have to do it! My husband is the pack rat, I'm the weeder. I have to throw away stuff on the sly.

Nice molas!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Pretty quilt squares and I love the molas. I have a crazy fish mola from Prairie Moon that I stitched several years ago, it was fun. Your molas will look great all in one room, a super splash of fun and color. CJ ok;-)

Carolyn NC said...

Great memories there - you're right about the pitching out!

Tanya said...

Those are great tips. Now if I could get my girls to part with their school books. Great molas!

staci said...

You've picked some wonderful treasures!!!

Lisa said...

The quilt squares and the molas are wonderful treasures you have chosen to keep. Framing the masks will preserve those nicely! I look forward to seeing the others finished as pieces - they definitely will add fun and charm to any room! Take care!

PS...I love the tips on storing things; especially when it comes to my boys having to dig through my old things later in the future. I might just take some time this summer and do a little "weeding" though on my own!

doris said...

Oh, where do I start? I have too much to say about everything I've missed while away. If it's too much, just X that little box.

Your new framed pieces are wonderful, as is your new gallery. I'm especially fond of Anna's Bird in its frame.

The Great Attic Clean-out had to be exhausting, emotionally and physically. You're holding onto some great pieces. Can't wait to see what you do with the masks.

I haven't made it to the websites "In the News", but I can't wait. You always call the best stuff to our attention.

I could keep going, but enough. Thanks again for keeping me well entertained.

mainely stitching said...

The molas are so cool.

I've cleared out houses after older people before. It's astonishing what we hang on to ....