Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flea Market

Yesterday, Kristen asked about the Emerald Mermaid: Is this something you would stitch otherwise? It doesn't seem like it's your style.

And the answer is no, and no. And by that I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Mirabilia--though I do like some of her patterns (Christmas Fairy, Holly to name two). I admire her work but it's just not my taste. Also, I'm not really one to use the non-neutral hand-dyed fabric. Though I have branched out a bit more on that lately. (Two Liberty Street designs)

I've been working on my Flea Market SAL. I still don't quite understand how I am going to attach these three piece together, but I do know, now that I have reread the instructions for the millionth time, that I shouldn't have stitched the border until the end. So the next two parts will be unbordered.

I finished the first part:

Flea Market Souvenir
Blackbird Designs
called for floss
WDW beige linen

And started the second part:

Flea Market Souvenir
Blackbird Designs
called for floss
WDW angel hair linen


Linen Stitcher said...

I, too, have wanted to stitch "Flea Market Souvenir," but the very feature that draws me to it also makes me hesitate to stitch it: the three pieces of linen that must (somehow) be joined together. I'll be anxiously awaiting a report from you on this very subject. Looks great so far!

karenv said...

I stitched the borders as I went along, and I had no problems joining the three pieces. In fact, I think having the borders there really helped with the sewing together, as it was easier to line the edges up. I also think that I extended the borders slightly on each piece, so that there was enough room to do the fancy stitching on the seams - YMMV though.

It's honestly not that hard to do and yours is looking great so far.

staci said...

Your Flea Market looks very pretty! Nice starts on both parts :)

Michelle said...

Love the FMS. It is going to be so pretty. I love the idea of putting three pieces of different fabric together for this.