Monday, December 01, 2008

Holiday Homestretch

I didn't get to talk to Grannie Stitch Bitch on Thanksgiving but I've written a little note to let her know that so many of my friends are thinking of her. I think she will be pleased, but I am pretty sure she will have no idea what I mean by "my blogging friends." But I thank you, and so would she.

The plan for November:

Continue Emerald Mermaid SAL--I did work on it a couple of times (pictured)
SB Stocking for BIL--Here's where I am with that.
SB Stocking for cousin--Um, not so much; think I can finish both before Christmas?
Stitch LHN's The Angel's Sang for Aunt--Good progress on this, I think.
Stitch anniversary prize--done
Finish MIL's stash and dash bags--You know, I suck.
Blog every day--another NaBloPoMo successfully (?) completed

And for December:
make and send holiday cards
finish-finish LHN dog piece for Sissy
SB Stocking for cousin
finish-finish SB stockings
finish-finish Angel for Aunt
Start two new projects during my WEEK OFF!
Stitch anniversary prize


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Are you trying to put the rest of us to shame?