Friday, November 14, 2008

That was Fun

Redwitch guesses: in reality you are a dyslexic born again Christian!
No, I am pretty sure you can't fake what I do. I can't anyway. I lack imagination. ;)

Zoomcity says: you love pistachio ice cream, but don't like pistachios.
Actually, I like pistachios but don't like pistachio ice cream. I don't think it tastes like anything.

Sweetpea guessed: You love to travel, but do not like hotel beds, so you travel with one of those silk sleeping bags that protects you from hotel sheets.
Do I really seem like this kind of a person? Because I am. My friends at stitch camp call it my shroud, but dude, do you know what is on hotel sheets? It doesn't bear thinking about. I bought mine after a particularly horrible weekend on the scratchiest sheets known to mankind. I had to wrap myself in a blanket even though it was about 85°F with 85% humidity. I could not sleep on those sheets. So the princess needed a silk sleeping bag.

Anon says: When riding the bus, you can't sit on a rear facing or side facing seat and stitch because you end up having to frog when you get home.
I always ride in a rear facing seat on the El and sometimes ride in a side facing seat on the bus (no rear facing seats on the bus). I find my need to unstitch does not vary depending on where I sit. I can make as many mistakes while I lie on the couch as I do when I am upright.

Cathy says: You like fuzzy crazy colored socks all year round.
I have precisely one pair of crazy colored socks, and they are indeed a little fuzzy. I used to wear them with clogs and a fuzzy purple sweater that matched the stripes in the socks. But the sweater is gone, so they rarely come out anymore. I still wear them with clogs when I do wear them--I mean, where's the fun in crazy socks if no one sees them? The truth is I rarely wear socks--not a fan--and when I do it's almost always black trouser socks. Bo-o-oring.

Donna says: Your dream job involves living on an island where the masses can't bother you.
There is no doubt that people make me very cranky.

Coral thinks: You hate it when people cannot remember how to ask to borrow something (a South African down falling of note); "Can I loan your sharpener?" "Could you borrow me your paper clip?"
I had a South African friend in college, but I'm pretty sure he never confused borrow with loan. I think it's probably true that I would hate people confusing borrow and loan, though I can't be sure. I had a boyfriend in college who said "axe" for "ask." I broke up with him for much more serious reasons. What do you think this is, Seinfeld?

Connie says: Methinks that despite your blog name, you are really a very sensitive, deeply mushy, very fragile delicate little flower that loves everything and everyone around her. Oh, and you hate people who use the word "methinks".
Sissy and I sometimes say we are "delicate flowers" usually after we've let a giant one rip (either end), so ironically. And when Alice Roosevelt said that thing, I sat next to her. So, I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people who think I got it right.

As for methinks, some people who can get away with it. Usually, they are dorks dressing up for the Renaissance Faire. But I think it works for you. ;)


Jennifer said...

Once we went almost exclusively Marriott for traveling, hotel sheets do not bother me, but I have friends that have a similar hotel phobia. One friend's phobia was so bad as to almost be debilitating - she, among other things, would make her husband shower first so that if there were germs in the tub, they would be from him. This is also the same woman that would not share a bowl of salsa with her own children at a restaurant for fear they may "doube dip".

Anonymous said...

I *knew* it was going to be the hotel sleeping bag guess that was right!

I'm amused I got my silly guess backwards. :)