Thursday, October 02, 2008


I need a packing list. And a birthday wish list. And a list of things to do before we go*. And I need about... 24 more hours**; that should do it. Did you figure out how to create time, yet?

In the "things to cross of the to-do list" file, we did get into camp today. We're going in April. Will we see you there?

*Do not break into my house while we are gone. All of the neighbors are watching. And someone's coming to stay but you won't know when. And if they find you taking our shit, they are gonna kick your ass. Also, I'm going to set some automatic posts so you won't even know when we're gone. Stay the fuck out of my house!
**This means that I may not get to the post office to mail things I promised to some really nice people in Europe. I hope they will forgive me.


Lelia said...

We need to master the art of bi-location. That way, we could be in 2 places at one time!!!

Donna said...

Or at the least some seriously needs to figure out the transporter system they had on Star Trek. That would give us lots more time.

Enjoy yourself!

Annemarie said...

Creative though I may be, time I have not managed to make. Don't worry though. Just take it easy and it will all be alright. And your friends in Europe will understand and forgive :o)

Lee said...

Bermuda?? You lucky girl! A lovely place...

MelissaD said...

Your latest post leads me to believe that your vacation is a psychological necessity =:P


LadyDoc said...

Hope you are having a great time!

What/where/when is camp?

I was at Valley Forge this weekend for Stitching Jubilee- had a GREAT time!!!!

Will email you soon!