Thursday, September 04, 2008


You guys are hilarious. I love your responses to the red nylon thread and video. The mind boggles, doesn't it? Anyway, I appreciate your comments on that one, because I felt a little cruel making fun of an old(er) lady's invention. But if I'm going to hell, I'm burning with my homies.

I logged into blogger today to find I am being followed. That new jobber on the dashboard tells me who is following my blog, but it just seems sort of I don't know, stalker-ish? lemming like? Not that I want to put off my "followers," I appreciate you! But please, if I'm drinking the kool-aid, DON'T. (Oh my god how sick am I?)

Work hasn't been extraordinarily busy but I'm trying to be "good" and not blog from work. But I have been so exhausted lately, it's all I can do to stay upright until a decent hour to go to bed. I haven't stitched, I haven't blogged. I keep waking up at 3am for, you know, a few hours of being nocturnal. I haven't even been here long and people keep telling me I look tired. Fab. But the people are really nice. My office, however, old store room. No windows, wrap around counter, old water jugs. I can get a peek out the window occupied by the asst dean of business affairs whose office is directly across from mine. He has a huge dracanae in the window that has a stuffed monkey and a snake in it. I like his sense of humor--and Boston sports fan. My people!

I just wanted to let you know that I still exist, even if I am dragging my ass around. I need to get some energy! I have things to do.

EDITED: "Followers" are a blogger thing. Certain readers who use blogger can let me know they are reading me by clicking a button. And apparently this last post was so insensitive that I lost a follower. In fact, I think it's an interesting idea; it just needs a better name.


Kathryn said...

Not sure I get to be a Follower since it isn't activated on my blog yet.

Nothing wrong with a little cynicism about useless gadgets. Can I make fun of all those rotating/chopping/kitchen gadgets?

My boss and I used to have matching pink squeaky pigs. We went got to work each morning we would squeak to each other. My "office" was the tape storage cabinet. Several times a day, Dan would apologetically enter and get a tape down for backup. Eventually I got a window, finally an office big enough for its own swimming pool, but I liked the closet better.

Shelleen said...

I am not sure what a follower is. I do have you on my so I know when you post something new. I have so many of my blogging friends on that.

Barbara said...

During the year I 'took off' from university (= worked my ass off to earn tuition), I worked in a bank. When I was a regular line teller, I was going CRAZY because there were no windows, no daylight ... it totally messed me up. I finally got a transfer to be a drive-up teller where I was in a glass box all day long and that suited me so much better.

OMG. I just admitted I worked in a bank! Don't tell anyone. I'm so dyslexic with numbers, they won't believe you anyway. ;)

Redwitch said...

I am definately a follower! Does that make you a leader? As in 'take me to your leader'.

Coral said...

huh? What did you say to lose a follower - does that sound cultish or what??

Clearly they do not 'get you' - it is the reason I keep reading!

Lelia said...

Ditto -- great idea, very odd name. And, didn't some engineer come up with the red thread idea??? LOL

Michelle said...

I thought it was a little creepy too. I totally know how you feel about starting the new job though...I am still dragging my ass and it's been 90 days! But maybe it's the work/school thing that's getting me. I'm so glad you've found "your people" though!