Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Job II

The news of my new job raised a few questions. I'm happy to answer them since I find I lack motivation for doing my job.
So when do you leave psycho witch?
Will you be staying at your current job until September or telling them to stuff it for the rest of the summer?

You know I have been saving vacation to go to Thailand—a trip we’re postponing because of this and the new job. Well, in order to get paid for the unused vacation, this draconian place is making me give three weeks’ notice. The new boss wanted me the week of 8/25 but I couldn’t start until 8/27. The new boss insisted I take a few days off which is why I begin the new job September 3.

You should take some time off before the new job and come visit some friends.
Indeed I should, but the dude and I already have plans for 8/15-17 and 8/21-24. That only leaves Labor Day weekend. We’ve no plans at this time.

More stitching time for that long dog piece I’m going to win on your give-a-way!
I don’t want to disappoint you; I think the giveaways are going to be a bit smaller than that!

In six months, I hope you can look back on the old job and laugh.
I am already laughing! The things I could tell you from the resignation encounter…

I hope you get more pay for less work and less stress!
A little more pay—much better benefits. They’re going to contribute to my retirement whether I do or not. And I think I mentioned the new boss is big on work-life balance. BIG!

I guess when you get back there will be lots of stitching to show for it. Won't there?
I don’t know; last night I read a book instead of being on the computer or stitching.

Thank you all for your good wishes, your happy dances, your hoots, and your interest in my mental well being. It’s happy making.


Sharon said...

Sounds like a dream job!

Katrina said...

Huge congrats on your new job! Wonderful news.

Kathryn said...

In the '70s I worked for a brief time in the new IT department of a heavily unionized manufacturing company. No one ever quit a job there. But my great woman boss was demoted and shortly afterwards quit. The company goons were in her office in five minutes, heaving her things into boxes and escorting her to her car. Two weeks notice? Ha! So when I decided to leave the area I didn't got to HR until the last day I wanted to work. My personal things were already at home. I just told HR I was through as of this minute after the way that they treated my ex-boss, signed a few papers and walked out on my own. Some companies are SO clueless.

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is fantastic news, congratulations.

Ruth said...

Wooo hoooo! I've been MIA so I missed he big announcement. HUGE, TREMENDOUS, GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Wow. What great news.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats sweetie!

Michelle said...

Life balance is a BIG thing for me! I spend too many years working 14-16 hour days for nothing!!! That is so wonderful that you are getting a new great boss, and one who insists you take time off before starting! Yay! By the way - I did some Mermaid stitching last night! Oh, and you simply must tell me about the encounter over your resignation!!!

Miriam said...

Congratulations moving to a new job and firing the old boss!! I would love to know what you said in your resignation.

So no more development work?! Oh, how I totally, completely understand. I wish I had a new job starting in September.

C in DC said...

so, so, so happy for you. Hope it goes well. I'll bug Best Pal for details...