Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Showers, May Flowers

Well, it's a good thing I'm not a comment whore, or I'd have to start continue inflicting injuries on myself! Thank you all for your kind get well wishes. Adrienne's right, used properly, this tool is great; I'm just too careless for it. DD asked how bad it was, and I'm not gonna lie to you: I was too much of a pussy to look. I saw the piece that came off--brought it with me, just in case--but look at the wound? Couldn't. The dude can tell you how bad it is...or I can after I visit the hand surgeon. (But maybe for the easily squicked that should be a private conversation.) Fortunately, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to The Hand Center where I'll be in good...hands, ugh.

Before Barbara starts rumors that I had some kind of wild college life, first of all, I went to Bryn Mawr where I'm pretty sure rule #32 was No-Crazy-Ass-Drunkin'-Whoring-I-Can't-Remember-My-Name-I'm-at-the-Hospital? Fun allowed. (But maybe I did break rule #32...who's talking?) I'm really the kind of person who does something one day and forgets it the next. (I remember everything I read, though, and where it is on the page.) Like after the squid salad incident, I actually said to dd, "Who knows when I will eat fish in a restaurant again?" while I was eating a fish sandwich in a pub in Oklahoma. So the fact that I went to the hospital sometime between 1984 and 1988 and can't remember 20 years later--totally unsurprising.

I made very small goals for this month:
1. Go to Camp (April 3-6) Done! but it seems so long ago...
2. Bring the finish-finishing of 2008 to six items, not counting the ones Mona is giving me at camp. Um, including the birthday gift I just sent off, I believe I am up to two. Pathetic. three!--I finished the little Quaker fob from camp--still, pretty pathetic.

May Goals
1. Finish My Needle and Floss--how is it that I finally get this pattern that I have coveted, and I chop my finger off?
2. Bring the finish-finishing of 2008 up to eight items.
3. Work on some UFOs
4. Start the dude's anniversary present


Anonymous said...

Hmmm? "Pub in Oklahoma." Sounds like an oxymoron but it wasn't bad, was it?

Is it still April? It does seem like camp was ages ago.


staci said...

Oh my, I've cut myself on one of those too, those things are wicked~~hope you heal quickly :)

Kathryn said...

"No-Crazy-Ass-Drunkin'-Whoring-I-Can't-Remember-My-Name-I'm-at-the-Hospital? Fun allowed." I broke 2/3rds of that rule. No Hospital, though. I still have to be careful about that rule. I drink and reach a certain point that continuing drinking seems like a GREAT idea. Maybe it is, but I guarantee I won't remember anything about ANYTHING in the morning. At least the last time (five years ago), my husband got me up off the floor and into bed. He even claims I navigated him from the restaurant to the hotel, but I don't remember that.

Hope your finger is OK.

Barbara said...

Too bad - the mass mailing already went out! ;)

Anna van Schurman said...

Just FYI, Bryn Mawr didn't have rules. We were self-governed and worked hard to preserve the fabric of our community. Drunk or not. ;)

Donna said...

"I'm really the kind of person who does something one day and forgets it the next. (I remember everything I read, though, and where it is on the page."

That's me exactly! Just got back home and see you've done the self-inflicted injury thing. :-(

I'm very careful with the mandoline, but routinely hurry with the cheese grater and pay a price...