Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunnies in my Garden

I made these bunnies from recycled sweaters following (sort of) betz white's directions here [PDF]. I added a little pocket on the back; my plan was to put a candy bar in there, but it came out a little small so I stuck in a fiver. I didn't have the equipment to do needlefelted accents, so I appliqued the hearts on. I also wish I had a pompom maker but AC Moore was closed today, go figure. Betz makes this all look easy, but it was a little harder than I anticipated. That pink bunny was made with an old cashmere sweater in which I recently discovered a hole. It stretched something fierce when I sewed it. Especially the little heart appliqued onto the white bunny. I may have been better off if I had fused it first, but you don't always think of these things at 10pm. The ears are lined with a little scrap I had left of purple crocus fabric. Astute readers will notice the irony. The bunnies are posed with the crocuses I was bragging about yesterday. Apparently I have to stand out there with the shaker of cayenne to protect the crocuses. Live and learn.


Barbara said...

Maybe next year you should just plant cayenne? ;)

The bunnies are very cute.

Michelle said...

Oh they're so cute!!

Jenna said...

Oh no, your crocuses have been munched! How sad. Your sweet bunnies must have been hungry. ;)