Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm home sick again today. I got up to go to work and took a shower, which was enough to totally wipe me out. Just now, I took some photos for the end of month report and now I am swirly-dizzy, and not in the good way.

My goals for the month were to finish-finish two projects and to stick to my rotation. That didn't work out so well. I didn't do the finishing, and I sort of abandoned the rotation (below) for all kinds of reasons.

Monday: Scissors Sampler Box completed, photo here
followed by Folk Art Threadkeep shown above
Tuesday: Anna's Bird progress photo below

Wednesday: Emerald Mermaid progress photo below
Thursday: Apple Sampler see progress here
Friday: Tall Flowers Sampler completed, see photo here
Saturday: marquoir
Sunday: marquoir I only worked on this a couple of times, but you've seen my most recent progress
Traveling piece: Monthly Mania
I finished June and July
For March:
Monday: sewing class
Tuesday: Anna's Bird
Wednesday: beading class
Thursday: Apple Sampler
Friday: Emerald Mermaid
Saturday: marquoir
Sunday: marquoir
Traveling piece: Rose Bunnie
I'm going to blog every day in March as well. Lists! Woohoo!


Linen Stitcher said...

Sorry you're feeling lousy. Hope you're better soon!! Thanks for the update on "Anna's Bird." I sure do like that pattern, and yours is looking quite spiffy!

Barbara said...

Oh, to feel swirly-dizzy in the good way .... ;)

Take care!!!

Jacque said...

Get better!

I love your necklace....can't wait to see more.

Kendra said...

I woke up feeling the same swirly-dizzy...needless to say, I spent most of the day on the couch in various stages of consciousness. I kinda sorta feel better right now, but the swirly-dizzies are starting to come back...ugh.

I hate being sick.

Hope yours moves along soon!

Michelle said...

I feel like my Feb plans sort of went out the window too. Your WIPs look beautiful though - Anna's Bird really is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I like the boldness of Anna's Bird and I will follow your progress on EM.

I don't have anything near 300 charts because if I know I will never stitch it, I either sell the chart or give it away. I am one who hates too much clutter.

btw, your blog is not new to me, it has been in my reader, I have been one of those lurkers you so detest, lol. There is always the right moment when one finally wants to jump on the bandwagon and start commenting on another blog. I try to keep my commenting within a reasonable amount as to not overwhelm myself with obligation there.

Miriam said...

Hope you feel better yourself! I just noticed you were dizzy last Friday - I think if I'd tried to read it at the time, well, let's just say I didn't really move much that day ...

This is a serious rotation of projects. I am not nearly this ambitious.