Wednesday, January 09, 2008


THANK YOU! to all of you who delurked. Still, only 13% of you. I'm determined to break 20%, though I'm not quite sure how I'll lure you out. Yet.

The best part about blogging is giving myself a wider audience. (You know, instead of bugging the dude all the time, "Look what I did!") I'm pleased to give a wider audience to two readers who took inspiration from my work. First, Cheryl saw this:

And made this, charting her own "curly W":

And then Susan saw these (how much did I want to write "saw my boobies?"):

And made these for her "tacky ornament" (tacky?!) exchange:

Love the pearl necklace. (And I did get to say, "show me your boobies!") She's also looking for help because her group loved this ornament sooooo much they want a felt penis ornament. (Now that is tacky.)
It appears I spoke too soon regarding Sissy. She has some sort of bubbling skin problem near her incision (they did remove it--didn't I say?), and it's unclear if it is infection or allergy, though they lean toward the latter. (My dad is allergic to latex and betadine, so pretty likely.) We'll be having lunch tomorrow after her appointment, and I'll let you know how it goes. They do have to go back in at a later date because there is some sort of King Spawn Cell that they didn't get. But she's on the road ...


Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

Oh, no tackier than one family heirloom from my husband's family - a half apron with a large pocket on the front. Inside the pocket? A fabric penis. Nice. LOL

Redwitch said...

Boobies is a great word isn't it? My other half has a nephew (6) who calls them 'fun bags'!

Fingers x'd for your sis.

Barbeeque4 said...

Those are the best ornies have seen in a loooong time!!!! brava anna!!!

Sue said...

Oh that's hilarious!!

Casa Pearl said...

well, what a set shall I say? They are sure to be classics. I hope you reach your delurking goal!

Anonymous said...

I love the boobies, however, I'm not sure I could put a penis on my tree.

My brother called them Bazooms (get it? instead of bosoms) when he was little - but then he was always screwing up the language one way or another.

He ran into the front yard one time wearing my training bra. I don't know why I was humiliated when he was the one who should have been embarrassed.

Did you know the Spanish word for pregnant is embarasada?



Brave Astronaut said...

C'mon, you know you want to. It will make you feel better. Tag, you're it.

C in DC said...

Thanks for the publicity.

Hope Sissy's doing better. She might want to avoid neosporin too. I found out last spring that 1/2 the world is allergic to neosporin, including me.

AmyNJ said...

You talked me into it---
consider me de-lurked. I've been reading your blog for just short of a year--I really enjoy it.
This past summer, I started Emerald Mermaid and have done about 3/4 of the stitching. So far, so good; it's been nice to stitch. No plans to start any boobies ornaments, maybe in the future.
Amy, NJ

Michelle said...

Ooh, boob cloning - how fun. I am glad to hear your sister is on the road to being healthy - hopefully that reaction will go away quickly. My thoughts are with her!