Sunday, December 02, 2007

House Tour

The title's a little deceiving. This is just a little corner of the living room. But I promised to show you the Christmas quilt I saved from the Dumpster at my mother's and the tree skirt.
The quilting on it is terrible. The stitches are so huge you can practically see them from here. But I popped it behind the tree, so you can't get a really good look. It's festive anyway, and the dude cracked me up with a postmodern analysis of the dual fake trees. This is only part of my snowman collection. I have four small areas in the living room with more snowmen. Not bad for a girl who didn't know she collected them! (NB: You'll notice the woolie snowman doorhanger perched at the top of the tree. I went to three stores looking for a papier mache gourd to make a tree topper, and Joann's, AC Moore, and Michael's all told me they only have them at Halloween. Go figure. So I repurposed the doorhanger, and I'll be sure to buy a gourd next Halloween so I can make a proper topper.)

Here's a shot of the tree skirt--and the cute snow couple I picked up at Home Goods on Black Friday. You can see that I didn't iron the skirt... but you're the only people who are going to look that closely.

Close-up of the ribbon embroidery.
After hitting 4 stores to get a 4' prelit (with white lights) Christmas tree for the handmade ornaments, I finally settled on a 6.5' unlit tree. I can stop running around. When we were leaving the third place, the dude told me he would give up all his Christmas presents not to have to shop for other people (fat chance). Then he turned to me and said, "Of course, you've done all the shopping...Thanks." Well, he turns out not to be so bad after all...


Susan said...

I have a friend who claims that if you buy one, it's just an item, but when you buy the second one, you've started a collection. =)

Barbara said...

Here's to dudes who aren't so bad after all ... ;)

Katrina said...

My DH doesn't shop AT ALL. He hates it, so I do all the shopping and then show him what we got everyone, LOL.

Love the decorations, your tree is very pretty.

XmaryX said...

Very pretty tree skirt- and I didn't realize those were wrinkles- I thought you had just artfully draped it about the base :0)
Ya know: I have to get me one of those skirt things- I just have a Xmas plaid tablecloth I've been using for 20 years. Oh! Don't I stitch?? I could make one......well, it might be done in another 20 years. My mom doesn't have an attic. Damn.

Lee said...

I'm so glad you saved them from the dumpster! Is the quilt done in dimensional stitches? Or is it ribbon embroidery, too?

And I love the tree skirt. I improvise a skirt or two every year, also. I think about buying a premade but I turn pale when I look at the prices!

C in DC said...

RE: the gourd

And by Halloween, they really mean August.

Great tree skirt.

Michelle said...

Great idea to use a gourd! So glad you saved the quilt and the tree skirt - they look great. Thanks for another little look into your home!