Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

Today I dropped off Animal Samplings to be framed. We got there rather late because I was trying to finish Summer Place. And I would have been successful had I not forgotten that we were having dinner out with my family (my belated birthday celebration) last night. Mmmm Teikoku. I have about four hours more work on it. BUT! I did bring it with me and choose a frame for it, so that I can just send it to them on Monday. Yay! No more trips out to Chadds Ford. The traffic was gnarly today. It's already Christmas shopping season. When I went to Home Goods to get some Christmas-y kitchen and hand towels (we've never had people come to our house for Christmas yet!) the place was a zoo. I checked out the tree skirts too, but there was nothing I was looking for. It's terrible when you have enough skill but not enough time to make the things you see in your head!

At any rate, the woman who helped me with the framing was a doll, but they closed at 5:00 and at 5:20 we were just finishing up our transaction. The other woman there was such a bitch. I apologized for keeping them both late and the nice one said, "If we weren't so busy we would have been able to help you sooner!" The other one just stared at me. She didn't even say good night when we left. I don't know, a customer drops almost $200 on framing, I'm a little warmer to her. Apparently she doesn't know I can take my business elsewhere. Anyway, I've got to get back to Summer Place because it's throwing off my whole schedule for this weekend!

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Sweet Pea said...

It wasn't at the Strawberry Sampler, was it? Today was bag sale day and it was pretty crowded when I was in there earlier.