Thursday, October 18, 2007

Twisted Beads

This is my self-portrait wearing the new twisted bead rope that I made last night. The colors didn't show up so well--the outer layer of beads are called "matte khaki iris." They are a bit iridescent and vary from gold to green to pink to light purple. The center beads are matte cola. One woman said she wanted me to pick her beads but then said they'd end up matching the things I wear instead of her clothes. AS.IF. Apparently she has a complete lack of imagination, or thinks I do. And just because I've been singing everyone's praises (women! community! love! flowers!) last night a woman was picking colors for a second bracelet. She had these bright blue and clear beads that she was going to put with this autumn mix and some sandy transparent daggers. The autumn mix didn't really go. And the blue was not right.

"I like those daggers," I said.
"But you don't like the blue beads," she said.
[Nose crinkle] "Not really."
"Well, lucky it's not for you!" she shouts.
[Um, hello?]
She continued to explain that she was trying to get a "beachy" feel. She was on the right track with the daggers, but the blue was too aqua, which may seem ironic when a person is trying to represent water but they just weren't right. Anyway, she changed the browns, which made things better, but still it's not for me!


Michelle said...

Love it! I always think those matte beads are so pretty. Those iris beads make me think of Raku pottery. Lovely!

C in DC said...

Another beautiful piece of jewelry. The colors remind me of a root beer float. Yummm.

monique said...

At least you were honest. I like the one you made, nice colors.

Jenna said...

Beautiful. Will you teach me how to do this sometime? As for the lady who wanted your help, but apparently not for real, fuhgettaboutit. :)