Saturday, July 07, 2007

One Week to Our Anniversary

I managed to finish this year's anniversary stitch today. I love it, and I think the dude will too. Now I just have to see if he wants it framed, or if he will lift his moratorium on pillows (aka cushions). (Sometimes I simply cannot explain the dude.)

Sam Sarah Designs
Doubles: My Whole Heart
Stitched with the specified Caron Watercolor threads on RR Blueberry Tula


Barbara said...

This really would make such a great pillow!

Red said...

I don't know...I think you're still ahead of the game with your "dude". The last time I stitched a little something for my dude, he was clearly uncomfortable with the whole idea...and it was a perfectly masculine type piece and no...not something to do with football, hunting, Harley's or tractors. :-)

Kathryn said...

My Dude still calls what I do "crochet". Believe me, I do NOT crochet. As far as the pillow thing? It's a known psychological fact that for men the television can't be too big and women can't have too many pillows (and men are allergic to pillows). My pillows are all on the sofa in my sewing room. I'd bet he'll want it framed.

Lee said...

Such a great design and such a lovely sentiment! He's going to love it, no matter how you finish it.

Have a lovely anniversary!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Happy soon to be anniversary!