Monday, July 02, 2007

Halfway Through

Today is the 183rd day of the year--182 days before and 182 days to come. We are officially halfway through the year. So how am I doing on my annual plans?

I planned to work on 6 UFOs:
  • Anna’s Bird --I've worked on it!
  • Elizabethan Rose
  • Frickin’ Chicken aka Majestic Rooster
  • Alpine Garden --I finished it! :) Yay me!
  • Tree of Life Window --I've worked on it
  • Watercolor Geraniums

6 new starts:

  • Curtis Boehringer, apple sampler--started
  • Cross Eyed Cricket, Promise of Summers to Come--started
  • Liz Turner Diehl, 18th Century Knot Garden
  • Liberty Street Designs, Tall Flowers Sampler--started, nearly finished
  • Bent Creek, Christmas Carols
  • Bent Creek, Snowman Stocking

6 obligation pieces

  • Dolly Mama Kitty--done!
  • Dolly Mama Poodle--done!
  • baby White announcement--done!
  • baby Palmer announcement--nearly there
  • SB Jillian’s stocking
  • SB Elisabeth’s stocking

I'm officially halfway there! I've worked on half of my UFOs, though I've only finished one. I've made 3 of my six starts, and I finished more than half of my obligation pieces. Let's hope things don't deteriorate as Christmas gift making sneaks up on us. (Did I say that out loud?)


Karin said...

Love the Phillies biscornu - good luck in the contest!

xsquared said...

ACK! How is the year half over already??? But wow, you're doing great! Maybe I should make goals for myself, might get me stitching more?

Michelle said...

You've done really well with what you want to accomplish this year. I feel like I haven't done any of the stuff I wanted to do...sigh. And good point on the "wise men", maybe I should have changed it to say "wise guys"

monique said...

Hmmm... never realized about the halfway mark before! The 2nd is my anniversary (not that I remembered this year) and I bet that's somehow significant...