Monday, January 08, 2007


Yesterday, I put a normal sneaker on my left foot and walked around like a normal girl for a whole day! It was very exciting while it lasted. Unfortunately today it doesn't fit. At least not with the extra sock I have to wear. I'm hoping I can burn the compression sock on Wednesday after I visit Dr. Bonecutter. Next time, before the surgery, remind me to get a couple of pairs of those so my foot doesn't stink so bad the dogs try to eat it.

I finally finished and sent my New Year's cards, which means everyone has been properly saluted this holiday season.

I worked on the Dolly Mama kitty for my niece:

And I started Tall Flower Sampler for me. Although I thought it might be an inspiration piece for the craft room--I'd paint the walls DMC3347, I'm starting to think I might go with periwinkle. Would it clash too much with the aqua bedroom across the hall?

PS: I'm very pleased I was able to provide diversion for so many with my fantasies. Now stop drooling on your linen and get back to work!


Michelle said...

Congrats on getting into an actual shoe! Love your New Year's cards - they are beautiful.

Lelia said...

Good going on the shoe [while it lasted].

Tall Flowers Sampler is very kewl. Not sure about the paint colors!!