Tuesday, January 02, 2007

National Soup Month!

Here are my stitching goals for this month:
1. Finish and send rr
2. Dolly Mama Kitty--due 1/21
3. Work on the marquoir
4. Attend to the Tree of Life UFO (It's gonna take time to work up to the others.)
5. Start something new

We celebrated the ball drop with my cousin and her husband. We ate lobster and drank champagne. TL is very goal oriented so he kept asking for our resolutions. My stitching resolutions you already know, but as he kept hounding me I came up with something. Here it is: I'm going to bring my lunch from home more often. Right now I'm spending about $2500 a year eating lunch at local restaurants. (I spend about $10 compared to the dude, who can eat from a roach coach for $4.) I figure I will save money and lose a little weight; one salad at the salad place near me is 7 WW points--and it's the only one under 10. For a salad! I figure I can start slowly, bringing lunch three days a week, and eventually working up to dining out once every two weeks. Of course, we haven't been grocery shopping since before Christmas so I've got to go eat...out.

Ideas for interesting lunches gladly accepted.


Michelle said...

Good for you for planning on bringing your lunch more often. I started doing it because of the money I was spending, and it ended up being good for my weight loss too. I tend to make something Sunday afternoon that I can eat on all week, like beef stew or vegetable soup.

Lee said...

Packing lunch is a terrific idea! Treat yourself to some nice hot, homemade soup for winter lunches. Corning makes those great big soup mugs with the vented lid for the microwave - great for brown bagging. Add a half sandwich or a nice salad and don't forget something sweet. I'm not kidding about that. A banana or some lowfat graham crackers or a low fat yogurt work well for me.

Whatever you do, make your lunch feel special. You've worked hard all morning and you have a long afternoon ahead, so you deserve a fabulous lunch!

Cheryl in DC said...

In addition to Lee's suggestion about "sweet", I'll add, "know what makes you feel like you've eaten." For me, it's crunch. I need to have some carrots or radishes or crackers or something crunchy to feel like I've had my meal. Soup or lettuce, while filling, leave me wanting something more 1/2 an hour later. I have the same problem with sandwiches, so I try to find something low-cal and crunchy to add to my lunch.

Also figure out how much variety you need. I have 2 friends who basically bring and eat the exact same thing for lunch for months on end. It works for them. It wouldn't work for me. I need a lot of variety, which is why I tend to buy lunch rather than pack it. Some leftovers here, a can of soup there, a microwavable meal from the freezer next, can help you to mix it up with the salad or sandwich routine. If you cook in big batches, plan to freeze it so you can mix-n-match over the course of a month, instead of eating the same thing all week.

Barbara said...

Hot pepper spread on even the dullest sandwich will perk it right up! :0

Leah said...

I love sammiches, so that's what I eat for lunch pretty much every day: ham, roast beef, tuna salad, egg salad, pb&j, blt, chicken salad, turkey...lots and lots of variety. I also pack raw veggies and a couple of whole fruits.