Friday, January 12, 2007

Murders and Executions

Shay Pendray's Needle Arts Studio has been acquired by Interweave Press the company that brings you PieceWork and Interweave Knits. Ms. Pendray will continue as host through 2007, and will be involved with the show until 2011 on and off the air.

So, um, wake me in 2012?

I think I've seen the show once, and it was on needlepoint. I seem to remember it was like watching paint dry which is unfortunate for both PBS and needlework.

In other news, last Saturday at the hairdresser, I sat stitching as usual while I waited for the dye to take. The salon owner, Nicholas Sebastian, who is not as gay as that sounds--in fact, he's not gay trust me--comes over to me and says, "Needlepoint is getting hugely popular. You're not the only one I see doing it in here anymore." Since I've only been going there for just a shade less than a year, this "anymore" takes on a new dimension. At least he's used it with the negative--using anymore with a positive spin is one of the most perplexing regionalisms in the English language. Lots of people do it. And it still confuses me.


Melissa said...

Anna-wanted to tell you L'Ete is a reasonably fast stitch. Seriously. It's big, but it's not one of those projects that will take you a lifetime to finish. There's very little solid stitching in it.

Also, I know what you mean about the pictures on my walls hanging too high. It's just our walls are so tall-leaves a lot of bare wall above them! When I move my grouping over I'm going to lower them. It doesn't help that the person doing most of the picture hanging is 6"3' and I'm exactly a foot shorter than him. So everything is eye level for him. Eventually I hope to get it right. I read every decorating magazine and book I can get my hands own.

I've never seen the Shay Pendray show, I'll have to check my local PBS listings. HGTV just started carrying Common Threads and Knitty Gritty and they haven't exactly rocked my socks off yet either.

Glenna said...

God, that IS confusing. The more I think about it, the more confused I get. Like when you concentrate on a word until it sort of disintegrates and you wonder if it is actually a word after all. Quoth the raven: anymore.

Monsoon said...

Anymore in the positive?? Really? I can't say I have ever heard it that way, and I did live in Oklahoma for over a year. Hmm maybe my brain just shuts it off. Watch.. now I'll hear it 12 times in the next week.

Leah said...

It confuses me too. I've never heard "anymore" in the positive uttered aloud but I've seen it written on many US blogs and message boards.