Monday, December 04, 2006


I set myself some mini-goals this past weekend. How did I do?
  1. The Laptop Bag: qualified success. I took out the part I had twisted when I stitched the top on, but when I got to the end, it was still twisted. Nothing I did seemed to untwist it. So I figured it will be felted, who'll notice? I was right about that, but the felting process didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. I think I over-felted it. The strap didn't felt evenly so parts are skinnier than others. (I'm hoping some steam might fix that.) And, even though I used all the same kind of yarn, the burgundy stripes didn't felt At All. It's wool. Real 100%--not superwash--wool. Aye caramba. Right now it's sadly misshapen, but I forced a couple of cutting boards and a hundredweight of plastic bags into it, so maybe things will work out. Oh, and the best part is our laptop doesn't fit in it. With any luck, it will work as a large purse. Now to get a zipper.
  2. Christmas wreath: it's a start. I wanted to make a wreath that consisted of gluing a bunch of small wrapped boxes to a form. So I searched my house for small boxes. I mostly used drug boxes: Immodium, Tylenol Flu, Qvar (prescription), an ob box and a soap box. I think there's one gift box on the whole thing. I know where my glue gun is (in the box marked tools in the craft room) but the glue sticks were nowhere to be found. I glued the first layer on with Thick Designer Tacky glue, but it lacks integrity. I managed to squeeze enough glue out of the gun to glue on the second layer. Much more integrity. So far, it's pretty cute. I'm going to have to get the dude to go to AC Moore three weeks before Christmas and find mini glue sticks for a low temp gun. Yeah, right.
  3. Christmas Cards: not bad. I crawled around my craft room, and managed to put together 15 cards that the dude thinks are "quite modern." I have to make about 100 cards, and it's been slow going, so I'm going to cheat. I have some leftover cards from previous years, that I've decided to use--just have to guess who got what in the past! I found some elements for another card that just need to be stuck together. Finally, I have an idea for a quick but elegant card. This is going pretty well.

I also worked a bit on the Ancien Marquoir, but I am going to have to think about Christmas gifts. I'm not sure what I have and what I still need to get. Right on top of things as usual...


Melissa said...

Anna-the areas that didn't felt, do you think one more trip through the washer might work or are those areas just not going to felt? Can you block out something that's been felted, like the strap to even it up? Felting is always such a gamble. What laptop pattern did you use?

We just got an AC Moore down here in the boondocks. I was impressed. It's not Hobby Lobby but not too bad. Prices are very reasonable.

Good luck with the cards, 100? YIKES! Every year I say I'm going to send my stitching friends Christmas cards in mailart envelopes and I always run out of time. This year I planned to make Christmas cards and haven't even started yet. Lots of motivation. Guess I'll be motivated Dec. 20th.

How's the foot?

Michelle said...

Sounds like you are really making some great progress. That sucks that you had some issues with the laptop bag. I'm sure it will all come together though. I am feeling like I am actually starting to get some things accomplished's hoping. Hope your foot is doing well. Can't wait to see a photo of your new wreath - sounds cute!