Sunday, December 17, 2006

Candy Land

Hey, look what I whipped up for Sissy yesterday. Hardly took me any time--the hard part was beading the hangers. She loves ribbon candy, and it will be nice for her to get a present on time for a change.

Here are some places you can find instructions:
Wrights They also have kits.
Carol Duval on DIY Gotta give props; I found them on the show.
Martha Stewart I used these, except for the chalk...I mean, really, you can totally use a marker.

Instead of using fancy thread for the hanger, I put clear seed beads on the clear thread I used, then tied the beaded string onto the needle, and did the easy part.


Rosemary said...

Ok those are just too cool!

Melissa said...

Those ornaments are too freakin' cool! Does your sister know how lucky she is?

Barbara said...

These remind me of the ribbon candy my Grams always shared with me at Christmas. That was always SUCH a special treat. What a wonderful memory - thanks!!

Michelle said...

So cute! Sissy will love it!