Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Have I Become?

So, my mom has me stitching a Mirabilia mermaid (Emerald Mermaid). And all of a sudden, I have the urge to use a hand-dyed or handpainted fabric. This is so not like me. Perhaps I should go have a lie-down. I just don't like the grey fabric that it's stitched on.

In the meantime, what are your feelings about some of my ideas for fabric? I warn you--don't suggest anything too crazy. No sparkles. (I have to drawn the line somewhere!)

Blue dynasty linen
or (keep scrolling) ocean fantasy

Sugar Maple Leaf
Murkey [sic] Depths

Picture This Plus

Neptune Blue

I can hardly believe I'm stitching a Mirabilia let alone contemplating doing it on ostentatious fabric. That's all okay for you! But I'm not you.


Anonymous said...

I like Glacier the best... the pattern seems pretty complicated and I think some of the other fabrics are a bit "overwhelming."

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...."Murkey [sic] Blue" is the most evocative of the ocean depths, hands down. "Ocean Fantasy" is also lovely--in evenweave! ("Cascade" was awfully nice as well--had to sneak a peek at the other colors--but maybe it's too Caribbean...). It's so hard to advise because who knows how accurate the color reproduction is on either "The Emerald Mermaid" or the fabric swaths (swathes?). Personally, my impulse is that if I'm going to go hand-dyed, then by damn I want something that looks like a little effort went into it! However, the previous poster is right, you don't want to risk overwhelming the image either. Can any of these companies send samples so you can see how they look with the main thread colors?

Sue said...

Picture This Plus Glacier...definately tones down the bling and gives it an "ocean" blended color.