Saturday, November 18, 2006

Leah Enables

Leah has found the pattern. Jacob's Sampler from Cedar Hill. But here's what's weird. I think I was in Cedar Hill's booth! Am I just confusing this pattern with another? BestPal, you were there. Have I lost my mind?

Anyway, Leah's link is not lost on me because I am looking for a sampler to do for a cousin's baby, and Cedar Hill had a cutie.

In more news of Leah's enabling, I actually started the marquoir. There's not much to show at this point. I am using black and 921. It's going to be perfect in the dining room, you know, in 17 months when it's done.


Leah said...

17 months, eh? Good luck with that. ;)

Cheryl in DC said...

I've stitched the bunny baby sampler from Cedar Hill. The bunny stitches up quickly, because it's mostly stitched in one color of variegated thread.

Michelle said...

That is the cutest it. You have such a great eye for the little lurking sheep!