Saturday, November 11, 2006

Crochet Boise Beanies

Today's College Game Day featured a profile of Ian Johnson (pictured left), a tailback from Boise State who's one helluva crocheter. Seriously. He wanted a hat one winter, so his mother taught him to crochet. In high school he made as much as $600 selling his crocheted goods. When he first started college, he couldn't give them away (he was selling them at $15 a pop); now that he's scoring 13 points a game, he's got a backlog of 100 orders (still only $15).

You know I tend to complain when guys get attention for doing crafts that women do all the time--no one's written an article about me learning to shoot and fish before I could ride a bike, have they?--but this guy's got a real charm about him (you wouldn't figure from the photo, but you could see it on the teevee).

Now I want a beanie.

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Cheryl in DC said...

Kudos to his mom for pushing him to learn in the first place. I'm impressed that he calls this his main source of income (which I take to mean spending money).