Saturday, November 04, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

I have taken nary a stitch today. My cousin asked us to watch the kids all day today while she and her husband took his siblings and mother to New York to see The Producers for MIL's 85th birthday. The girls had a full day planned for us. Lala had a soccer match and they wanted to see a movie. These are the snapshots that made us smile today:
  1. Yay-o holding her arms up in victory and yelling "Yay, Lala" every time Lala touched the ball in soccer. (If you haven't seen an under-7 soccer match, I'd recommend it. It's the cutest thing on two legs!)
  2. Lala wondering if aliens said that people didn't exist.
  3. Yay-o copying Auntie Sissy using chopsticks at dinner by eating her sesame chicken with toaster tongs.
  4. The movie we saw, Flushed Away. Thumbs up all around. We're big fans of the singing slugs.
  5. Lala's rendering of the characters in the movie.

I'm sort of glad that I signed up to blog every day this month. Otherwise you'd have never heard about today...

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Barbara said...

You've got two thumbs up from me - this was a fabulous post!!