Wednesday, July 12, 2006

#5 Prepare Sheep RR

I have figured out that I need a piece of 28 ct linen 19"x19" for my upcoming round robin. My plan is to stitch a fence (from a Moss Creek chart) to divide up my fabric into four squares. Into my square I will stitch Drawn Thread's Two Friends.

So last night I went through my fabric. I have no system for storing my fabric. In fact, I'm so desperate I sent the question to the SBQ. It's "on the list." I just don't know how to keep it so I can find what I am looking for. If you take it out of the package, you'll have to count every time to find out what hpi you're dealing with. But if you leave it in the package, the poor linen can't breathe! And what about those scraps and odd shapes? I am at a complete loss. Anyway, I didn't have any large enough pieces of 28 count fabric. I tend to go for the higher counts. So, I'm over on ebay seeing what I can pick up for a song. Don't bid against me!

I didn't get any work in on Enchanted Alphabet. I'm hoping to do an update before we leave for our highly anticipated trip to Maine. Just for a few days. Nothing big, but away from work and this stifling city. I swear I might melt today. Melt.


Lelia said...

Here is a thought: The LNS puts a small cardboard tag on corner of each linen/evenweave cut. It has the size, price & cost. They use a loose staple. These squares are about 1/2" x 3/4". Would that work?? It would save counting threads all the time &/or measuring.

sometimes, if I ask, they will put the name of the project on the tag, too -- so, once home I know what cut goes with what pattern.

I don't have a lot of storage; however, I find a plastic blanket bag works out well. I don't zip it shut & all the fabrics can breathe.

Lee said...

This may seem tedious, but the last time I organized my fabrics, I stitched the count onto the fabric. I was in that kind of mood, and it didn't seem to take all that much time.